Saturday, February 20, 2010

Human Origin, Soul, Art and Contact the Andromeda Galaxy Society - Alex Collier

A must watch, Alex Collier in this amazing interview with Rick Keefe of UFO Hypothesis. Alex has been in touch with life forms from another planet for years now and speaks of his knowledge of these beings the "Andromeda".

I am grateful to be learning and trying to seek conscientiousness... and even if you don't believe this, look at how we as a race live... Enough with the lies, we need to snap back to reality and its the lot of us that's got to do it, not anyone else... Wake up!

Alex Collier Part 1 of 12

Alex Collier Part 2 of 12
Evolution of the Soul and Art

Alex Collier Part 3 of 12
Andromeda Counsel, Galactic War and Control

Alex Collier Part 4 of 12
The Elder Andromeda "The love that you withhold is the pain you carry"

Alex Collier Part 5 of 12

Alex Collier Part 6 of 12
2 Class Social Structure, Royalty and Workers

Alex Collier Part 7 of 12
Feeding from the Energy, Humans selling out the Human Race

Alex Collier Part 8 of 12
Violence to blind us and the group behind it are Mainly the Alpha Danconans, then the Orion Group and finally the Zeta, Reticuli 2, Greys

Alex Collier Part 9 of 12
Abduction and Selling out humans.... Let nature govern us

Alex Collier Part 10 of 12
Evolution, Humans are a race of violence, sellouts, starvation... Power and Money

Alex Collier Part 11 of 12
UN Charter, Earth and Our Consciousness... Science and Archaeology

Alex Collier Part 12 of 12
World Debt and Healing, seek the truth

I remember watching this and not wanting it to end. Thanks a lot Alex Collier, I just got the book "Gods of Eden by William Branley" its going to be a great read. If you want it just email me...

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