Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Secret Society Agenda, The 13 Masonic Secrets,Teachings and Techniques

Why and What the are 13 Secrets of the Masonic occult?

Ever wondered what the order was about in the secret society. This 13 Part documentary explains all the 13 protocols that govern these illuminated or hidden ones.

I myself, have been always mystified and curious about their actions and what has lead them to be... These explanation can some what puzzle up some of the missing pieces together. Do take your time digesting the information.

Freemason Agenda Part 1 of 13
Episode one deals sheds a little light on a mysterious relationship between Jordan Maxwell and 33rd degree freemason Manly P Hall as well as discusses Freemasonic system of citizenship and how it relates to the transformation of world citizenship to the ancient egyptian system.

Freemason Agenda Part 2 of 13
Temple of Isis, the real meaning behind the Eye in the Sky and the Star Sirius that lies between Jachin and Boaz.

Freemason Agenda Part 3 of 13
This section deals with the pillars of Jachin and Boaz, their meaning and relation to freemasonry.

Freemason Agenda Part 4 of 13
This part deals with passing the veil of Isis and with the famous Einstien theory, e=mc2 or that everything is energy and that the energy works on a frequency system because of its vibratory nature. The Masons use this knowledge to access parallel dimensions.

Freemason Agenda Part 5 of 13
This episode deals with the Checkered Floor, its many meanings and its relationship to summoning entities.

Freemason Agenda Part 6 of 13
13 Masonic Secrets is the highly anticipated new film exposing 13 Masonic Secrets, brought to you by HashemsFilms and Freedomtou.

Freemason Agenda Part 7 of 13

Freemason Agenda Part 8 of 13

Freemason Agenda Part 9 of 13

Freemason Agenda Part 10 of 13

Freemason Agenda Part 11 of 13

Freemason Agenda Part 12 of 13

Freemason Agenda Part 13A of 13

Freemason Agenda Part 13B of 13

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