Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Explanation of the Truth... the Real World we Live in - Bill Cooper

You don't want to miss William/Bill Cooper's talk on the real world that we do not see or hide from. Hidden are we from the true information that have been touched on plans of control. Freedom that we all share amongst people but not in governments and the corporate world.

A warrior of Freedom, Justice, Truth. He was worshiped for his dedication and work throughout his life. Thanks you Bill! (May 6, 1943 - November 5, 2001 .)

Do check out his book (Amazon) : Behold a Pale Horse

Bill Cooper - Part 1 of 6

Bill Cooper - Part 2 of 6

Bill Cooper - Part 3 of 6

Bill Cooper - Part 4 of 6

Bill Cooper - Part 5 of 6

Bill Cooper - Part 6 of 6

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