Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time Travel and Other Worlds - Awake and Aware 2013 Panel Discussion

Project Camelot Presents:  Time Travel and Other Worlds
Project Camelot is very pleased to announce our 3rd AWAKE & AWARE conference. After 7 years of cutting edge testimony presented to the general public via highly successful interviews, radio shows, online and real world conferences and on mainstream TV, from Camelot witnesses and researchers as well as contactees, this year we decided to venture into uncharted territory.

Awake & Aware 2013: Time Travel & Other Worlds is very likely the first conference of its kind to bring together scientists, researchers, whistleblowers with experience working in above top secret black projects dealing with Time Travel. We are talking about Jump Rooms to Mars, the Moon as well as underground bases and cities connected by high speed maglev trains where you go from Pine Gap Australia to Los Alamos National Labs in minutes rather than hours. We are talking about a Secret Space program operating under cover of secrecy that is going Interstellar and terraforming other planets… These speakers will talk about how the Secret Government travels… by using zero point energy and hyper dimensional physics to negotiate reality in ways we have only dreamed of…

Learn about the real existence of time travel and other worlds. Some of Project Camelot’s top minds will share with you their:
  • Amazing Secrets
  • Hidden Science
  • Suppressed Technology
  • Cutting Edge Research
  • Top News Buried by the Global Elite
  • Mind Bending Stories of Personal Experience
This is a must see event for people looking to unveil the amazing world that has been hidden from them by the mind-entrancing mainstream media and global elite.  Take home with you an experience that will reshape your world.  Seldom in these ever changing and dynamic times will such a collection of remarkable speakers come together! This is a must see event! Seats are filling fast... or watch everything live streamed right to you!

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Awake and Aware 2013
The Awake and Aware 2013 Panel Discussion.
For more videos (coming soon!) go to http://awakeandaware2013.net

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Censored by the Oxford Union during Sam Adams Awards - Julian Assange

Julian Assange speech that was censored by the Oxford Union
In an attempt to highlight the importance of whistleblowers, Julian Assange chose to have WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder footage as background for his speech at the Sam Adams Awards, an award dedicated to whistleblowers. The ceremony was organized by the Oxford Union. As a result of the video playing in the background and unsuccessful attempts to vet Julian's speech, the Union pulled the live stream from the event and spent two days substituting the US Army massacre footage with their logo. The Union claimed they feared that the US government would take legal action concerning "copyright" of the Apache gun camera footage. Wikileaks advised the Union that by law and practice the US government does not claim copyrights on footage or documents that it produces, the Union still decided to censor the video.

See http://collateralmurder.com/ for more information behind the Collateral Murder event in Baghdad.

Julian Assange speech that was censored by the Oxford Union

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ayahuasca Documentary - Stepping Into The Fire

Stepping Into The Fire
Stepping Into the Fire is the cinematic release that reaches into the ash of the bare bones of existence and asks the question "is humanity born to die, or is humanity born to live?" The film follows the true story of three successful individuals brought together by an ancestral medicine from South America that has become legendary for its miraculous and profound effects. Ayahuasca -- as the Amazonian brew is known -- is well known for its mental, physical and energetic healing properties. Stepping Into the Fire closely examines the life-changing effects Ayahuasca can have and illustrates why environment and health are so crucial to human success on a global scale.

Stepping Into the Fire features Roberto Velez, Donna Walsh, Bo and José Pineda Varges (a.k.a Maestro Mancoluto). The story begins with Roberto Velez -- a high-level New York Stock Exchange trader -- raised since adolescence in America, but ultimately of Peruvian descent. In the peak of his career, Velez finds himself seeking; unable to reconcile his material gains with the lack of direction and depth in his life. With nowhere else to turn, Velez scours Peru -- the land of his ancestors -- only to find Mancoluto, a first-level master shaman descended from one of the earliest civilizations in Amerindian history, Chavin. Mancoluto's expertise in natural health, particularly in the case of two ancestral medicines known as Ayahuasca and Huachuma, provides him a unique lens when treating Velez's predicament. Once this connection was made, countless other pieces start falling into place and a center for ancient Peruvian healing arts is quickly born.

Stepping Into the Fire is the beautifully woven tapestry of recent events that will leave you ignited and inspired to discover what it is in your life that keeps the fire alive.

Stepping Into The Fire (Full Ayahuasca Documentary)