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Consciousness, Liberty, Religion, and Psychedelics - Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock interview with Sonia Doubell
Thoughts on consciousness, cognitive liberty, the so-called "war on drugs", the evils of the State, the delusions of patriotism and nationalism, the tyranny of established religions, the mysteries of Ayahuasca, and the strength and fundamental goodness of the human spirit.

See Graham's books:
Fingerprints of the Gods: |US- |UK- |
Entangled |US- |UK- |CA-
Supernatural |US- |UK- |CA-

Graham Hancock interview with Sonia Doubell

Graham Hancock questions Richard Dawkins on psychedelics and challenging his world view 
Dr Richard Dawkins, author of books such as The Selfish Gene ( and The God Delusion (, is famous for his materialist views about the nature of reality and his belief that "the supernatural... can never offer us a true explanation of the things we see in the world and the universe around us." On 3 November 2011, Dr Dawkins visited the British city of Bath to promote his new book The Magic of Reality ( and gave a reading at the Bath Central Library. In the Q&A session following the reading Graham Hancock, author of books such as Fingerprints of the Gods (, Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind (, and Entangled (, pointed out to Dr Dawkins that many traditional hunter-gather cultures believe there are other realities -- spirit worlds and so on and so forth -- and concrete techniques, such as the use of psychoactive plants, to access them. "As a scientist," Hancock asked, "have you ever seriously engaged such techniques to have first-hand experience of what they're talking about, and perhaps even to challenge your own concept of what is real?"

In view of Dr Dawkins' influence and importance as a shaper of public opinion his reply, given before an audience of several hundred, is a matter of public record and public interest and shows him to be more open-minded than many of his critics might allege.

See the mentioned books below:
The Magic of Reality, Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins

The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins

Fingerprints of the Gods, by Graham Hancock

Supernatural, by Graham Hancock

Entangled, by Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock questions Richard Dawkins

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God, Illuminati, Astrology, Numerology, Pyramids, and 2012 - Josef Doleza

The Illuminati 2012 - Josef Doleza

Understanding the idea behind God

Understanding the concept of Astrology

Understanding Numerology

Understanding the concept of the Pyramids 2012

 Alien Attacks 2012 the final card

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Assassin (Mind Control) - Derren Brown

Assassin - Derren Brown
The Master, Derren Brown is back in 2011. This time to prove, without any doubt, it is possible to program somebody to become an assassin via in hypnosis whilst having no recollection of the event.

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Assassin - Derren Brown

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Native American Culture, Life and Knowledge - Phillip Deere

Phillip Deere (1929 - 1985)
A Conversation with Phillip Deere, Muskogee Creek Elder.

The entire Creation still follows the Original Instructions of life. The Tree, the fruits, they never fail.
They never make a mistake to bring their fruits in their season.
The Animals never make a mistake.
They still live as they were created.
Among the Creation...Life, the Circle, a measurement with no beginning and no ending.
- Phillip Deere (Muskogee Creek 1977)

Majority Can Be Wrong

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Peru Ancient Civilization, Artifacts, Calculated Geometry to Astronomy and Architecture

Ancient Aliens in Peru
FULL FEATURE DIRECTORS SPECIAL EDITION: From UFOTV! Accept no imitations..- No where is the evidence so strong that Ancient Aliens existed on Earth in our deep past marking extraterrestrial influences that have shaped human history. Peru has become legendary to both explorers and scientists alike as one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

NOW on DVD - 104 mins. - Cat. #U691. Go to

This fascinating two-part feature length program provides a fresh perspective on the many amazing wonders that can only be found in this remarkable part of the world. The ancient Nazca Lines, the Paracas Trident, the Megaliths of Marcahuasi, the summit of Machu Picchu, the hand carved Ica Stones, the strange Paracas Skulls, and a vast network of underground tunnel systems are explored and filmed here for the first time.

UFOTV® Presents : Ancient Aliens in Peru - Directors Double Feature

More information:
Source from: Chachapoyas
Source from: Ica Stones
Source from: Nazca

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The Ancient world of Serpents, Reptilians, Demons, Djinn, and Gods

The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn
The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn includes Reptilians, Demons and the Djinn in ancient mythology Full Documentary reptilian demon ghost 2011 Documentaries ars goetia mayan eygptian sumerian greek indian gods and demon list WOLVOMAN80 king solomon gargoyle sinbad chinese dragon all seeing eye of horus ancient aliens and ufo ufos jesus saves sinners the holy bible adam and eve lilith snake people angels and demons 300 spatans jinn aztec gods evil demons sprits real witch witches illuminati alien mark beast conspiracy angels world armageddon secret ufo new demons mind control prophecy fallen goddess pagan ancient mythology genie aladdin wizards black magic magick slidehow and commentary sources include holy bible the quran sumerian writings and many more illuminati gods new world order demonic scene from movie scary music 2011 full documentary Demons and Gods from the ancient world Full DOCUMENTARY Vampires Pazuzu exorcism Hell 7 princes Jesus 7 lucky gods sumerian demons ghosts ancient aliens history channel bbc cnn discovery documentary 2011 demon ghost ufo alien scary movie loads more demon reptilian ancient gods and djinn documentary "horror movie"
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 Ancient gods and demons in the modern world?


The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn 

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