Sunday, August 25, 2013

Democrips And Rebloodicans - Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura "For All Ron Paul People And I'm One Of Them"

Jesse Ventura : Democrips and Rebloodicans, Politic Street Gangs and WWE Wrestling
Former Governor, Frogman, Pro Wrestler, Actor, Biker Jesse Ventura on His Latest Book: Democrips and Rebloodicans; Supports Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson's Libertarian Presidential Bid; Talks Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, His Relationship with Vince McMahon After Not Endorsing Linda, Expendables II, Ron Paul More.

Full Show 9/14/12: Gov. Ventura Vs. Gang Gov't
Thom talks with Governor Jesse Ventura about America's troubled political system and his new book "Democrips and Rebloodlicans." Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" panel discusses Romney's handling of the unrest in the Middle East, the Fed's new stimulus plan and the latest from the Chicago Teacher's strike. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains what's really going on in the Middle East.

Bruce Springsteen Feat. Tom Morello - Ghost Of Tom Joad RNR HOF 2009 

Democrips And Rebloodicans

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Awakening - Max Igan

From the Author Max Igan:
In this film I have attempted to explain to you, the real structure of this reality, the nature of energy and of the light and sound that make up this entire universe and everyone and everything contained within it. I have attempted to show you that this understanding is supported both by ancient traditions and also by modern science.

I will say to you again now that all that actually exists within this or any other reality is pure conscious energy. That is truly all there is and the stuff this energy is made from is pure unconditional love.

I bring this message to you now because it is important that you receive it. The Earth and all that live upon it are about to undergo some very significant changes but these changes are nothing to be feared for once you have gained a clear understanding of what this reality truly is; once you have gained knowledge of how the true stuff of the universe actually works; Once you have realized your connection to all people and to all things and follow the path of the one universal law, then what is there to fear? What is there to hate? What is there to judge?

Understand that the life we are experiencing within this reality is a game of free will being played out by a single consciousness of which we are all merely frequencies.

Tune into that space behind your eyes.

Realize that to make it through the coming changes, all you really need do is to move into your heart; to realize that all that actually exists within this reality is energy consisting of nothing more than pure and unconditional love. Embrace it, become it, for it is what you are made of.

Visit his website for downloads and additional information:

The Awakening - Max Igan

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Transhumanist Agenda Enforced with 'Nanotech Weapons' - Alex Jones

On the Wednesday, June 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the latest developments on the engineered implosion of the global economy as the embattled eurozone heads for economic Armageddon with Spain and Italy begging for bankster handouts. Alex also talks about the betrayal of Rand Paul as the senator from Kentucky attempts to merge the liberty movement with the establishment Republican Party. Alex confronts multiple aspects of the emerging police state -- from TSA pedophiles gone wild to new surveillance technology -- and he also takes a large number of calls on today's show.!/RealAlexJones

Transhumanism Agenda Enforced with 'Nanotech Weapons'

Friday, August 2, 2013

How To Be Anonymous Online? - BolehVPN - VPN Solutions

About BolehVPN

What is BolehVPN?
BolehVPN was started in 2007 as a private project back when our local ISP started blocking and throttling content. Being firm believers of the concept of a free internet, a solution was found to provide the freedom to use the Internet with an emphasis on anonymity, therefore eliminating the worry about being monitored or having sensitive data intercepted. In line with this, we are one of the few providers that do not log internet activity and support P2P

We decided to share this solution, and since then we have grown into one of the largest personal VPN providers in the South-East Asian region and a prominent international VPN provider. As a home-grown enterprise, we put our customers as our top priority, and constantly seek to improve our services via customer feedback. We offer personalised customer support, and maintain a close-knit community of users where technical expertise is shared.

Aside from VPN services, we also provide game server hosting and Mumble hosting for customers in the South-East Asian region.

Currently we have VPN servers in:
  1. Canada
  2. Netherlands
  3. Switzerland
  4. United Kingdom
  5. United States of America
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Germany
  8. Sweden
  9. Hong Kong
Our company information is as below, but please note that these contact details are not for support and such queries will be ignored.

BolehVPN Sdn Bhd (927833-U)
Lane Building,
29 Lorong Kai Joo,
93000 Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia
E-mail: reuben [a]
Phone: (60) 82 232882

BolehVPN - VPN Solutions

A personal virtual private network to encrypt your data connection preventing ISPs from snooping what you are downloading or performing traffic analysis or p2p or Bittorrent throttling. Our most popular service with over a thousand users worldwide!

For an easier to understand and more detailed explanation, click here.

Our VPN services work with most major ISPs but do check with us if you are unsure.



Subscription Price (US$) Price (RM)
3 Days, Trial Package 2.00 5.00
7 Days, Trial Package 3.70 10.00
30 Days, Full Subscribing Package 10.50 30.00
60 Days, Full Subscribing Package 17.30 50.00
125 Days, Full Subscribing Package 34.30 100.00
180 Days, Full Subscribing Package 46.30 135.00
366 Days, Full Subscribing Package 85.90 255.00

SeedBox Hosting

Want to seed to that favourite private tracker of yours? Sick of abysmal ADSL upload speeds? Want to avoid the hassle and cost of running your own server? Look at our seedbox hosting!


Space (GB) # of Simul Download/Upload Max Upload (kB/sec) Price(MYR) 1 mth / 3 mth Price(USD) 1 mth / 3 mth
20 3/4 1000 40.00 / 108.00 14.19 / 37.81
35 5/7 1000 50.00 / 135.00 17.67 / 47.19
70 7/10 2000 80.00 / 216.00 28.09 / 75.32

Game Hosting

Call of Duty
Left 4 Dead 2
We offer game hosting based in Malaysia at affordable prices. We should be able to host most types of popular game servers. However we will not entertain requests to host MMORPG private servers such as World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, etc.


We offer Mumble server hosting which is a superior alternative to Ventrilo/Teamspeak to SE Asian customers.


Slots Price
25 slots RM20/mo
50 slots RM35/mo