Saturday, May 24, 2008

Whats going on is these day!!!

Another day in the room where we all gather,
The place we all call home,
With friends from all over joining together,
Drinking smoking sharing and carrying under marking our own tomb,

Driving down the yellow lighted streets,
And making our way to the table,
To have a drink to grab a bite and to rest our feet due to another crazy tomorrow is waiting.

~Joko Sayz~
Happiness is the only thing that human long for, so does we. We creates our happiness with balance. Sometime we might a bit lost, we got carried away. However, it is the sadness that help you to appreciate happiness. That is how we understand, that is how we survive. Regardless the RAT who did backstabbing us, no matter what peoples might say about us, we believe in our way. These days will not changed in to those days, because we going to keep these days on. Happiness and brotherhood. These days are our day. Let us keep it real.

And we met some lovely ladies.. Illya and Nadrah to my back... And we stopped by for a quicky at 7-eleven...

Good night....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Brasilian Psychic Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz Prophecies

The Brasilian clairvoyant Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz did obviously predict many events:
The 9/11 attacks, the Tsunami on 26/12/2004 in Indonesia, a further Tremor in Sumatra, the correct location of Saddam Hussein in Tikrit, the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq and the winning of the soccer championship by Italy. In the end of 2007 he was very precise, provable by Internet for everyone: On December 23, 2007 a great earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 on Richter scale should shock the indonesian Island of Sumatra. The Indonesian authorities took the warning for December 23 for serious because the Brasilian teacher of English and German was 2 times right with precise prophecies of Earthquakes.

Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz (da Luz = "from the light", born in 07/03/1960) is said to hear a voice from next world which tells him the prophecies already for 38 years.

For scientists this prediction was a tremendous possibility to check the phenomenon of "Clairvoyance". The probability that on a certain day a quake with a magnitude of 8.5 or more happens is about 1:2000, that means 1x all 5 years. The probability that it happens in Sumatra, which is very quake-endangered, is about 1:50. The total probability is about 1:100.000, estimated error about 1:20.000 to 1:500.000.

For psychiatrists it is the question - if a prediction is right - whether all internal voices are psychotic or if there are real voices. A mentally ill can never prophezize an earthquake so precisely.

For Christians concerning such phenomena the question rises, if such messages are of divine or demonic nature.

If you have a look at his Prophecies for 2007 (Portuguese) then you find many things which did not happen: For example in September 2007 terrorists should have planned an attack on Rome, in August and October 2 earthquakes in Turkey should have killed thousands and many other things. So you can doubt whether the catastrophy really takes place. And this may answer also the question of the origin of the prophecies.

If Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz is right there are many evil things in the future. I found the following catastrophies in Brazil detailed Websites :

  • Earthquake in China on 13. September 2008 with more than 1 Million death
  • Vaccination against AIDS 2008
  • Earthquake in Osaka with 8.9 on Richter scale and 500.000 Death on 25. January 2009
  • Stock market crash in Wall Street in New York on 15 June 2010
  • A deathly desease named "Heros" in 2011
  • Between 2012 and 2015 Explosion of the Krakatao
  • A Vulcano Eruption on the canares (LaPalma) with Mega-Tsunami in North- and South America in November 2013
  • An eruption of the Yellowstone - Supervolcano also in November 2013
  • A catastrophic comet impact in 2019 (I believe extremely improbable)
  • 80% chance of asteroide impact (Apophis) on 11/11/2036 (Astronomically seen he will pass already on 13/04/2036).
  • Earthquake in San Francisco with 8.9 on Richter Scale on 09 February 2023
  • Earthquake "The Big One" on 17 July 2026 in San Francisco with 10.8 on the Richter scale (physically nearly improbable because about 300x stronger than Tsunami quake from 26 December 2004)

Finally Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz prophezises that in some decades 14 Cities remained where mankind could survive. And even 7 of them are in his home country - Brazil. My comment: Pure Esoterics!

But again: Many of his so-far predictions did obviously not occur. Or did you hear anything of a Tornado in Rio de Janeiro from 19. October 2007 which killed Thousands of people? So I beleive that most of his predictions are esoterical rubbish!


Homepage of Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz
Prophecies for 2007 (Portuguese)
Picture of Jucelino Nobrega da Luz
further extreme Prophecies (Portuguese)
detailed catastrophic predictions (Portuguese)
National Earhquake Information Center

Martin Wagner, 24.11.2007, last modification 18.5.2008

Taken from:

Britain's Got Talent

Winner Last Year Britain's Got Talent 1 ~ Paul Potts~

Signature Michael Jackson impressions Britain's Got Talent 2

Bob Marley ~No Woman, No Cry~

2Excellent song, RIP Bob Marley ~Guitar Tabs~

e -----------0--3---0--1--- --0---------0------------ B -----------1--3---1--1--- --1---------1------------ G -----------0--0---2--2--- --0---------0------------ D -----------2--0---2--3--- --2--3-2-0--2------------ A ----0-2----3--2---0------ --3---------3----0-2----- E --3-----3-----3---------- ---------------3---------

C G Am F C F C G (4 times) C G Am F No woman, no cry, C F C G No woman, no cry. C G Am F No woman, no cry, C F C G No woman, no cry. Said, said, C G Am F Said I remember when we used to sit C G Am F In the government yard in Trenchtown C G Am F Ob - Observing the hypocrites, yeah, C G Am F Mingle with the good people We meet, yeah, C G Am F Good friends We have or good friends we've lost C G Am F Along the way, yeah! C G Am F In this great future, you can't forget your past C G Am F So dry your tears I say C G Am F No woman, no cry, C F C G No woman, no cry. C G Am F Here little darling don't shed no tears C F C G No woman, no cry. Said, said, C G Am F Said I remember when we used to sit C G Am F In the government yard in Trenchtown C G Am F And then Georgie would make the fire light C G Ami F As it was like a wood burning through the night C G Am F Then We would cook cornmeal porridge C G Am F Of which I'll share with You C G Am F My feet is my only carriage, and so C G Am F I've got to push on through. But while am gone C G Am F Ev'rything's gonna be alright. Ev'rything's gonna be alright. C G Am F Ev'rything's gonna be alright. Ev'rything's gonna be alright. C G Am F Ev'rything's gonna be alright. Ev'rything's gonna be alright. C G Am F Ev'rything's gonna be alright ya. Ev'rything's gonna be alright so C G Am F No woman, no cry, C F C G No woman, no cry C G Am F No my little sister don't shed no tears C F C G No woman, no cry.

C G Am F Said I remember when we used to sit C G Am F In the government yard in Trenchtown C G Am F And then Georgie would make the fire light C G Am F As it was like a wood burning through the night C G Am F Then We would cook corn meal porridge C G Am F Of which I'll share with You C G Am F My feet is my only carriage, and so C G Am F I've got to push on through. But while am gone C G Am F No woman, no cry, C F C G No woman, no cry. C G Am F Oh my little darlin' don't shed no tears C F C G No woman, no cry. C G Am F Little darlin' don't shed no tears C F C G No woman, no cry. C G Am F Little sister don't shed no tears C F C G No woman, no cry.

e|------------------------------------13~--14--16------- B|--------------------------------14---------------16^-- G|-----------------------/13--15------------------------ D|----------/11~--13/15--------------------------------- A|--13--11---------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------ e|------------------------------------------------------ B|---------------------------------------14--13--------- G|14--/15--13-----------------------13~------13h15------ D|-------------16\(0)--/14--15--16---------------------- A|------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------ e|------------------------------------------------------ B|------------------13---------------------------------- G|13h15p13-----13~--13h15--13------15------16------15--- D|--------h14------------------------------------------- A|-----------------------------16------16------16------- E|------------------------------------------------------ e|------------------------------------------------------ B|14---------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------13--15--13 D|--------/15------------------11--11--13h15------------ A|----16-------16--11--11--13--------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------ e|----------------------------------16------------------ B|/14--16--14--14----------14--16^------^16--14--------- G|-----------------15--13------------------------------- D|------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------ e|------------------------------------------------------ B|14---------------------------------------------------- G|13h15p13--13^-^13------------------------------------- D|----------13^-^13----------15~--15^--15--13--\11------ A|-------------------16--13-------------------------13-- E|------------------------------------------------------ e|------------6------------------------6---------------6 B|---------6-----9p6------6---------6-----9p6-------6--- G|-----8^-------------8^-----6--8^--------------8^------ D|11~--------------------------------------------------- A|------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------ e|---------------------------------------------------6-- B|9p6------6-----------------------------------------7-- G|-----8^-----6-----------------------------------6--6h8 D|------------6h8--6----------------------6--6\8-------- A|--------------------8--6-----------6h8---------------- E|--------------------------9--6--9--------------------- e|-------------------------9---------------------------- B|6h7p6-----6-----------------8^------------------------ G|-------8-----8--6-----------8^--6-----6--6~-------6--- D|-------------------8--6------------8------------------ A|---------------------------------------------6\8------ E|------------------------------------------------------ e|------------------9----------------------------------- B|------------------9h11--9------9---------------------- G|--------------10-----------11-----10------11--10--11-- D|--------------------------------------11-------------- A|6\9--9--9\11------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------ e|--------------9--------------------------------------- B|--------------9h11p9---------------------------------- G|8--10------------------------------------------------- D|-------11--8------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Longest Name in the World


The award for the longest name for a person belongs to a German immigrant to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name he was given at birth, and which somehow fit on his passport was:

(First and "middle" names)
Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert
Irvim John Kenneth Loyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy
Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor Willian Xerxes Yancy

(Last name)
Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorffvoralternwarengewissenhaf tschaferswesenchafewarenwholgepflegeundsorgfaltigkeitbeschut zenvonangereifenduchihrraubgiriigfeindewelchevorralternzwolf tausendjahresvorandieerscheinenbanderersteerdeemmeshedrraums chiffgebrauchlichtalsseinursprungvonkraftgestartseinlangefah rthinzwischensternartigraumaufdersuchenachdiesternwelshegeha btbewohnbarplanetenkreisedrehensichundwohinderneurassevanver standigmenshlichkeittkonntevortpflanzenundsicherfreunanleben slamdlichfreudeundruhemitnichteinfurchtvorangreifenvonandere rintlligentgeschopfsvonhinzwischensternartigraum Senior

In case you didn't notice, he has one given name for every letter of the alphabet plus his surname. Needless to say, he shortened it, and was commonly known as Mr. Hubert Wolfe, though officially it was said that he signed his name Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr.

The children's author, Jane Yolen wrote a book called The Longest Name on the Block about a young Italian boy whose mother would call him home for dinner using his full name - Timothy Michael Karl Emmanuel Sanford Reginald Brown. Not exactly record breaking, but a fun children's book.

The longest name in the Bible is Mahershalalhashbaz which can be found in Isaiah 8:1.

You can also see Albin Hallin for a long and unusual name.

From: Everything2=

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 2nd 2008 ~Maison's~

Thank you all!!!!!!

Well this is a late post cause I had a few events and parties to attend this May.... Pictures taken by ermmmm can't remember was wasted.... Ermmm I was drunk cause well it was my birthday...

I would like to give a special thanks to all that was able to make it, to the tequila and dewars and the cheap bottle of cardinal hehehe....

Oh yeah I kinda forgot how I got down stairs and even home... Next day I found out I was on the podium and I took the taxi drivers cigarette's plus Joko spent us all hot man steam boat which I still cant remember eating hehehe ... At home Hadriane and Adam passed me a pill which woke me up ;) Had a beers in Asia Cafe in the morning........

Friday, May 9, 2008

What is it all about?

What does it all come down to the life this world that we live in?
The things we like, the things we love…
The work we do. The duty we fulfill…
The path is there, the path has been laid in front...
Then what for the journey… What for the search…
Why the hunger, the need that never seems to end…
Why all these emotions when it only fucks us up…

Giving up seems like an easy game…
Not even trying is an even simpler suggestion…
But to breathe, to live, to feel, to inspire, to move,
Using what we have and that that has been given To cherish everything from the most enjoyable moments in life [Love]
To the worst feeling ever, of lost [Death]

*What does it all come down to?
*What does it all come up to be?
*What reasons are there for me to persist?
*When we can’t even find my way home…

Purpose….. The need to belong... The reason….
Weather reality or the truth,
Weather an illusion or a lie,
We seek a purpose, our own purpose
A purpose to exist...

Or is it simpler than we thing… Choice
Choosing weather to want or need…
Choosing right from wrong…
To serve or to stand up
Well I guess is all up to you...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Osamu Sakurai

A new entry to the Fav Bloggers... A dear friend and brother from Japan....Please check out his music that has been recorded, simply mind blowing.... Koh Phangan Blue, Buddha's Eye's Open, Shivaizum and etc... Osamu-san... wishing you a great and enjoyable time making and performing your music... It was awesome meeting you in Thailand under the tree, over looking the ocean line and having an awesome time ... Save us a spot to come jam with you in Japan...