Saturday, May 24, 2008

Whats going on is these day!!!

Another day in the room where we all gather,
The place we all call home,
With friends from all over joining together,
Drinking smoking sharing and carrying under marking our own tomb,

Driving down the yellow lighted streets,
And making our way to the table,
To have a drink to grab a bite and to rest our feet due to another crazy tomorrow is waiting.

~Joko Sayz~
Happiness is the only thing that human long for, so does we. We creates our happiness with balance. Sometime we might a bit lost, we got carried away. However, it is the sadness that help you to appreciate happiness. That is how we understand, that is how we survive. Regardless the RAT who did backstabbing us, no matter what peoples might say about us, we believe in our way. These days will not changed in to those days, because we going to keep these days on. Happiness and brotherhood. These days are our day. Let us keep it real.

And we met some lovely ladies.. Illya and Nadrah to my back... And we stopped by for a quicky at 7-eleven...

Good night....

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