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Technology, Pollution, Population, IMF, SDR, Iran

on Nov  7, 2010               

Author Webster Tarpley goes into detail  on a whole host of historical, financial and geopolitical issues in a  bid to outline the major crises, revolutions and wars that will hit the  globe over the next decade and shape the future of our world.

Moving  on to how these elitists use the financial system to further their  aims, Tarpley explains how the move towards a global currency and  worldwide financial regulations is being advanced by the IMF, but how  nations are now rejecting this "Washington Consensus," and instead  adopting the "Beijing Consensus," which allows them to retain control  over their own national sovereignty. Tarpley says that the dollar as the  world reserve currency is toast and that it is set to be replaced by a  synthetic imperialist global currency called the Bancor. Tarpley warns  that the IMF dictatorship is now in the final stages of asset stripping  the United States.

Tarpley begins by discussing how the  Neo-Malthusian ecological extremists in the Obama regime have a shared  hatred for science, technology and industry and how they really are  contemplating and initiating genocidal measures to thin the human  surplus because of their deep-seated ideological impulse, shared by  oligarchies throughout the ages, which is to suppress the progress and  development of any societal underclass.

Tarpley explains how  throughout history elites have always claimed that the planet was  overpopulated in a bid to justify their wars and brutality, and that  this is no different today, with people like Prince Philip expressing  their desire to come back as a virus in order to kill masses of humans.

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