Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Europe Conspiracy Banks, Monetary System, Vaccination, 9-11, and Population Control - Anthony J Hilder

Anthony J Hilder EU Conspiracy with Theo Chalmers
Anthony J Hilder interviewed on the UK television show "On The Edge" with Theo Chalmers. An in depth interview with one of the Worlds original Conspiracy Researchers...Anthony Hilder....film maker, actor, conspiracy researcher. Mr Hilder was one of the first to help expose the Illuminati to the world in his release of a three record set in 1967 of Whistleblower Myron Fagan. Much of the world knows about the Illuminati now. Saving the sovereignty of the UK from the European Union is the issue now. Watch and listen the conspiracy is deeper than you think.

"The EU Is Hitlers Dream Come True" The EU Is Hitlers Dream Come True"

On the Edge

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