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UFO Contactee Elizabeth Klarer Story

Elizabeth Klarer (1910 - 1994) was a South African disciple of California contactee George Adamski, and appears, based on frequency of reference, to be the best-remembered South African contactee and UFO photographer today.

She was born in Mooi River, Natal, studied meteorology and music in England, and learned to fly light aircraft. After reading George Adamski's Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953) and Inside the Space Ships (1955), Klarer suddenly "remembered" that she had been receiving occasional "telepathic" messages from a friendly space alien named Akon since childhood. Akon was presumably unrelated to Adamski's Venusian space friend Orthon. A few telepathic messages to Akon allowed Klarer to take a number of photos of his "scout ship" flying past as she waited on a hilltop with her camera, an arrangement similar to that made by Adamski with Orthon in 1952. These interesting photos show Klarer to be a pioneer in the "thrown hubcap" school of UFO photography, whose best-known modern champion is Billy Meier, another one-time Adamski fan and follower.
Klarer managed to call down Akon and his scout ship in April of 1956, for an actual landing. She was carried up to the mother ship in earth orbit, and--- now the story becomes somewhat different from the mid-1950s contactee standard--- was eventually transported in 1957 to Akon's home planet, Meton, orbiting in the nearby multiple-star system Alpha Centauri, where she and Akon had sex, she became pregnant, and eventually delivered a male child, Ayling, who stayed behind on Meton to be educated, while Klarer came home. The whole process, trip, lovemaking, pregnancy, delivery and return trip, supposedly required less than four months. Klarer took far more time before publishing a book, Beyond the Light Barrier (1980), about her extraterrestrial adventures. On his world lecture tour in the late 1950s, George Adamski made a point of visiting South Africa and looking up Klarer for a chat on their variety of experiences with the friendly, wise "Space Brothers." By that time, Klarer was not the only Adamski follower to experience claimed space-motherhood, because in 1957 British housewife Cynthia Appleton was revealing that one of Adamski's handsome blond Venusian Space Brothers had seduced her and gotten her pregnant. The resulting son, Matthew, has not been available for comment to date.

To celebrate its famous sister, the Kamberg Valley region of South Africa hosted the 50th anniversary party on a hilltop overlooking the "abduction" site, on 17 July 2006.
Source from: World Lingo

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