Monday, October 22, 2012

Mystical Experience & Spiritual Scripture

Rick Strassman speaks on Mystical Experience & Spiritual Scripture

Rick Strassman at the HORIZONS PERSPECTIVES ON PSYCHEDELICS. "A Western Perspective of the Psychedelic Experience and the Old Testament" for which he gives good evidence, understands and comprehends the psychedelic experience that it is not just a 60's thing (although we are so grateful for those days too!) but found where we somehow least expect it, that old Bible itself! (and he addresses the prejudice most of us including himself had/have about it). Indeed it may even be the purpose of The Book.....Ancient Hebrew Phenomenon and the psychedelic experience. Learn the miracle of how he got this funding and approval from the DEA, the FDA and NIH, NIDA

Youtube comment: PoketsOfagenius
Not sure I'm into what Strassman is selling here. Now I know he basically admitted to accepting funding from Masons. Now he is trying pitch some weird religious agenda with a psychedelic twist. :( Kind of a bummer. Phalacies beliefs and prophecies. We all know how horrible that whole bloodline has been for planet earth. I'll have to read the new book. Much love -Pokets

Rick Strassman

Bicycle Day Temple San Francisco 4.19.11
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Rick Strassman - Part 3

Rick Strassman - Part 4

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