Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spirits, Serpent, Satan, Alien, and Human Relationship

Spirit of the Serpent by:
Who has ultimate Authority in the Universe? The sociopaths of our world have used the wicked art of Hierarchy, and Manipulation of true Authority to rule over the lives of men since the dawn of Creation. Fear, Guilt and Flattery are just some of their weapons of mass destruction as well as the art of Ordo ab Chao. You must realize that you have been conditioned through scorcery as a child to willingly consent to your these so called "authorities" If you walk the narrow path of Truth and follow the Authority that is given to you from within, expect to be Hated, Ridiculed and Rejected. You will have Pain and will most likley deal with emense loneliness in this life. But also realize that these things are there to let you know that you still have life in you and even though the road is perilous there are others on the path with you and your not alone and we have nothing to fear. This is what you will face if you live for Truth, especially in our world today when the masses have been colonized into the Corporate Globalism of the Luciferian New World Order. Although they are a very real Satanic force bent on the destruction of mankind, there is an even bigger threat to the individual and is that which is within you... staring at you in the mirror of your subconcious. It is the shadow self, it is the EGO, it is Satan...

The last clip in this video is of Yeashua speaking to the people in Jerusalem, in the courtyard of Solomon's Temple. Confronting the Scribes and Pharisees from among whom the Babylonian Mystics that wore a mask of being Jewish had a secret socioty within Judasim. They practiced the dark arts of Atonism/Luciferianism, twisted the teaching of Torah and other scripture as well as Kaballah spiritually oppressing the region with the scorcery of "QABALLAH" and the Babylonian Talmud. They also inforced the practice of Usery in which Yeashua over turned the money changes. They could not see or hear or understand the words of Yeashua falling prey to the Ego. This "Den of Vipers" the "Synoguage of Satan" still exists today in in the form of ZIONISM this very hour as dose the words and Truth of Yeashua.

Video clip sounds and sources: "Revolver" written and directed by Guy Ritchie, 2005. Song and video clip in the beginning is "CURSED" by: ION DISSONENCE. Century Media, 2010. Interview clips are with CARL JUNG and VERNON HOWARD. "The Gospel of John" by: Buena Vista Home Entertainment 2003. Black Earth Productions 2010.

KEY WORD SEARCH: "Black Earth Productions" "Alex Jones" "Bill Cooper" "John Todd" "Jim Keith" "Frits Springmeier" "Michael Tsarion" "fema camps" "new world order" illuminati "the new dawn" communism nazi hollocaust armageddon antichrist Jesus yeashua GOD Lucifer freemson demon "extra dimentional beings" aliens reptilian nephilim satanism luciferianism zionism Kabballah Qabballah

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Part - 2 (Brood of Vipers)

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Part - 5 (2 Sided Paradox)

Part - 6 (Chaos Reigns)

Part - 7 (GGotRDQaballah)

Part - 8 (Myron C. Fagan)
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Part - 11 (Check MATE)

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