Friday, July 20, 2012

Illuminati Whistleblower - Leo Zagami

Leo Zagami: Illuminati Whistleblower
Oslo, Norway, February 2008

Leo Lyon Zagami, ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - the Masonic Executive Committee - of Monte Carlo, was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati. He is a 33rd degree Freemason, and a senior member of the infamous P2 Lodge. He was the 'Prince': prepared to take over after the older Illuminati 'King', Licio Gelli. He was born of a Scottish-Sicilian Illuminati aristocratic bloodline, and so has been involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

Disgusted with satanic black magic rituals, and with the true intentions of those who regard themselves as the elite controllers of the planet, he has now made the commitment to tell the real story of those who seek to rule us all without our consent.

Quick, intelligent, likeable, passionate, and with a huge amount of information at his fingertips about the inside workings of the Powers that Be, Leo welcomed us into his house in Oslo, Norway, where he had been living in what might be called exile.

In this two and a half hour interview they were barely able to scratch the surface of everything he knows, and what they present is a summary for those unfamiliar with the labyrinthine details of one of the most important stories of our time. Be warned: some of the material is shocking.

Leo seems to have paid a price for talking to us on camera. Days after the interview, his wife Fatma Süslü, of Turkish descent but an aspiring Norwegian politician, left him - accusing us at Project Camelot, in the process, of being agents. Immediately after her departure he was temporarily imprisoned and his cellphone and computers were confiscated by the police. He intends to leave Norway for safer shores as soon as he can make the arrangements.

Leo is a very brave man, and we wish him well. He is determined and resilient. The information he presents is extraordinary and detailed, and much more will be found on his own website. They intend to keep in close touch with him, and will support him in whatever way they can.

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