Friday, April 13, 2012

Carl Jung Interpretation of Plato and Alchemy

Here is the full DVD focusing on Carl Jung's work, discussing Alchemy, the Republic, and Carl Jung's book Psychology and Alchemy. This video discusses the idea that Platonic metaphysics is an Intellectual Yoga, a spiritual tradition which is magnificent, structured, aggressive, descriptive and psychologically profound. Enjoy the Lost treasure of Plato.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 1
Carl Jung > Plato > Alchemy > Hermetic. Platonic Tetralogies > The Divided Line> Allegory of the Cave upper World.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 2
The Mind & The Eye = Intellectual & Visible. The Sun. Golden Sections > Cognitive Functions > Images Seen > Sources > Realm of Opinion. Understanding > Exercise > Realm of Intelligent.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 3
The Relationships in the Divided Line. Nature and The Visible World. Platonic Ideas. Transformation to something Higher.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 4
The Gift of God or The Sudden. To be one. Quoting Philosophers. Meditation is the Communication with the Self in an Altered State of Mind. Imagination and dreams. Noetic.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 5
Gain knowledge of the Soul in Past > Present > Future through Dreams.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 6
Alchemical Study of Philosophy by Carl Jung. Partial Revelation and Divine Faith. Lorenzo Valla and Pseudo Dionysius.

Lorenzo (or Laurentius) Valla (c. 1406 – August 1, 1457) was an Italian humorist, rhetorician, and educator. His family was from Piacenza; his father, Luciave della Valla, was a lawyer.

In 1431 he entered the priesthood, and after trying in vain to secure a position as apostolic secretary, he went to Piacenza, whence he proceeded to Pavia, where he obtained a professorship of eloquence. His tenure at Pavia was made unpleasant by his attack on the Latin style of the great jurist Bartolus de Saxoferrato. Valla wandered from one university to another, accepting short engagements and lecturing in many cities. In 1433 Valla made his way to Naples, and the court of Alfonso V of Aragon Alfonso made Valla his private Latin secretary and defended him against the attacks on account of his public statements about theology, including one in which he denied that the Apostles' Creed was composed in succession by each of the twelve Apostles. These charges were eventually dropped.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 7
The Catholic Church, Colonizations, and Europe. Manipulation and Reformation. Heretical. 13th Century University and Professor Professors the Faith.

Platonism & Alchemy - Part 8
Philosophy lived only in Rome > Athens > Alexandria > Syria. The prosecution of philosophers. Christian Literature. Metaphysics and Symbols.

The Meaning and Philosophy of Numbers

The Fibonacci in Lateralus

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