Thursday, February 9, 2012

Police State 2000 Martial Law Posse Comitatus - Alex Jones

Alex Jones - Police State 2000 Martial Law Posse Comitatus

ALEX JONES EXPOSES THE GROWING MILITARIZATION OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE GROWING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE MILITARY AND POLICE. Witness US troops training with foreign troops and learning how to control and contain civilian populations in Operation Urban Warrior. You will see Special Forces, helicopter attacks on South Texas cities, concentration or "Freedom" camps, broad unconstitutional police actions, gun seizure training, snitch squads of children recruited to turn in family and neighbors, and more. This was filmed in 1999/2000 and foreshadows the rise of the police state and martial law that is creeping forward. Recall that even today, troops and mercenaries seized and confiscated honest law abiding citizens weapons down in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina. Foreign troops were called in to help rescue, troops from Denmark, and Mexico. The truth is stranger than fiction. Exclusive photos from Urban Warrior drills:

Al Gore's Nazi Green Police Coming to Steal & Destroy! 
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