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Natural Supplement and Health Policies - Trueman Tuck

Source from: Trueman Tuck
“God created Sovereign Spiritual / Human Beings as children of God. God's children cannot and should not claim to have sovereign supremacy with their creator.

The Sovereign Children of God created artificial entities, which are all sole or aggregate corporations including rulers, governments, parliaments, senates, judges, etc.

THEY do not posess any sovereign supremacy and cannot and should not claim to be equal or greater than their creators.”

Trueman of the Tuck clan (aka Trueman Tuck), is a son of God and a Sovereign Spiritual / Human Being that is purpose driven to educate, assist and defend the unalienable rights, freedoms and liberties of other sons and daughters of God.

If you are having problems and need to hire professional assistance you can contact Trueman at Tuck's Professional Services. Trueman's e-mail is

Trueman is a non-lawyer, legal, political and sovereign rights advocate and has been instrumental in creating activist groups such as Friends of Freedom International, Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers,, Live Longer Educational Foundation and a new Ontario registered political Party - the Republican Party of Ontario.

Trueman has successfully assisted hundreds of small family enterprises in winning their legal cases. He has been involved in the natural health industry as a marketing and management consultant, trainer, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, legal and health practitioner and entrepreneur for over 35 years.

Today, Trueman is one of Canada's leading federal regulatory crisis / case managers and sovereign rights and lobbyist, and has access to and knows a large number of MLAs, MPPs, MPs and Senators in all provincial and federal levels.

Trueman has attended many international events including Codex, and is involved in defending human rights in a number of different countries.

If you are a caring, concerned Sovereign Spiritual / Human Being who wants to make the world a better place for all of human kind / children of God, please contact Trueman and join forces with the global "BEEHIVE" of freedom advocates that Trueman works with [see,,,,,,,,,].

If you are a small, medium or large family owned enterpriseand have regulatory problems in any area, Trueman is your go to expert to assist you and your team in resolving the crisis [see].

If you are interested in Trueman's writings and publications be sure to visit

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