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Journey of the Soul, Meditation Travel, Mummification, Nazi Society, Alister Crowley, Space Travel, and Astral Projection - Peter Levenda

theduderinok on June 23rd 2008Historian of esoterica, Peter Levenda discussed his new book Stairway to Heaven, which connects occult knowledge across time, civilizations, and secret societies. The number seven and its relation to heaven or the after life is repeatedly seen across cultures, he said. For example, a map of seven stars was created by Chinese alchemists as a ladder to heaven. Various cultures viewed travel to heaven or space as a kind of spiritual transformation, and they engaged in purification, meditation and prayer to raise the body up to a higher level, Levenda noted. A common source for these themes and practices might have come from visitations of ETs or spirit beings, he added. He also spoke about the occult investigations of Aleister Crowley, who invoked the spirit of 'Lam,' an odd looking entity. Crowley made a drawing of Lam, which bears some resemblance to the modern "grey" aliens. Levenda said he is delving into freemasonry for his next book.

Peter Levenda " Stairway to Heaven" Part 1
The Journey of the Soul, the 7 Levels or Phases, and the Constellation of the 7 Stars.

Peter Levenda " Stairway to Heaven" Part 2
Meditation Travel, Mummification, Scarification Bull, Nazi Secret Society, The Templar's, Vatican, and Astral Travel.

Peter Levenda " Stairway to Heaven" Part 3
Alister Crowley (Search Alister Crowley on the blog), Spirituality, Consciousness, Understand, Learn, and Fight without your Fist but with Thought.

Peter Levenda " Stairway to Heaven" Part 4
Control UFO Visitation vs A Real Visitation, Space Travel, The Big Dipper, The Chariot, The Throne, and Alien Abduction.

Nazcar Lines, Peru

Peter Levenda " Stairway to Heaven" Part 5
Nazcar Lines (Search Nazcar Lines on the Blog), 7 levels to Heaven, and the Secret Order.

Peter Levenda " Stairway to Heaven" Part 6
Astral Projection, Conditioning the Body to be a Vessel, Purification, and Alchemy (7 Steps).

Peter Levenda " Stairway to Heaven" Part 7
Similarity rather than Differences, we are all ONE and Equal, the Elites, and Illuminati.

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