Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alternate Energy Source, Water as Fuel, Hydrogen Energy, and Free Energy - Andrija Puharich

Andrija Puharich, MD, also known as Henry K. Puharich, (February 19, 1918 - January 3, 1995), was a medical and parapsychological researcher, medical inventor and author, who is perhaps best known as the person who brought Uri Geller and Peter Hurkos to the United States for scientific investigation.

Dr Andrija Puharich, Official website

Andrija Puharich Lecture Part 1 of 5
Water as Fuel, Electrolysis, Hydrogen Energy, Fuel Cells, and Isothermal.

Andrija Puharich Lecture Part 2 of 5
Cost of Producing Hydrogen Energy, Dangers of using Hydrogen from H20, Energy Cost and Output Efficiency, and Thermodynamics.

Andrija Puharich Lecture Part 3 of 5
Water Current and the Process of turning water to Electricity.

Andrija Puharich Lecture Part 4 of 5
Free Energy, Wave, Pulse, High Frequency, Water Solution, Hydrogen Residence, Audio Frequency, and Rotating the Nuclear Magnetic movement of the Proton.

Andrija Puharich Lecture Part 5 of 5
Fuel Cell, Close System and Non toxic Fuel.

ITM Power Hydrogen
Quentin Willson drives the ITM Power Hydrogen Ford Focus at Eco-Rally. Featuring comments from Robert Llewellyn, Chris Huhne, Kevin McCloud, Lisa Rogers, Peter Curran and Patrick Head

Sheffield's ITM Power completed the 2010 Eco-Rally from Brighton to London on 7 July 2010 with their specially adapted Ford Focus - the only hydrogen vehicle competing in the Rally. The Green Hydrogen used to fuel the Focus can be produced anywhere using only water and renewable electricity with ITM's world beating electrolyser technology.

H2o Fuel Car

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