Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NASA Secrets, Space Exploration/Exploitation, Invasion, Planetary Defense, and Luminocity

NAZIs, the CIA and Project Paperclip Slave Labour Used by Werner Von Braun Rocket Factory Man Made Flying Saucers of World War II - Hitler's Secret Weapons Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley & the JATO Rocket Systems Occult Names For The Space Shuttles How NASA Faked the Apollo Moon Landing Photos UFOs in America Today MJ12 & The Manhattan Project - The Secret Government 33rd Degree Luciferians Control NASA The Masonic Flag on the Moon Lunar Surface Claimed Under Territorial Rule of World International Freemasonry Aggressive Aliens - Why We Never Returned To The Moon Astronauts and the Aliens Space Serpents and Creatures in the Upper Atmosphere Anomalous Craft Filmed Near the Russian MIR Space Station Spherical UFOs Over the World The Siberian Alien Installation Alien Abductions in Russia Harvesting Technology from the Roswell Wreckage The Star Wars SDI Deployments and NASA's Nuclear Nightmare more!

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 1 of 13
Space Exploration/Exploitation, NASA Secrets, Invasion, Control, the Watchers, the Nephilim, and Nuclear set up Satellites.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 2 of 13
Star Wars, Planetary Defense, UFO, Contact, and Contactee.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 3 of 13
Aline Moon, Luna Events, Luminocity, Operation Moon Blink, Structures on the Moon, Bridge, Shard, Tower, and Tracks.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 4 of 13
What is on the Moon? Ancient Text, Drawings, and Interbreeding, the Nephelim, and Vedas.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 5 of 13
Earth Sightings, Tibet, Pearls, Monitoring, Stone in Costa Rica, and Medieval Invasion.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 6 of 13
Human and Reptilian Celestial, Chinese Roswell, the Dropa Stones, Aborigine, The Kimberly "Spaceman", and the Australian "Viracocha" Star Gods.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 7 of 13
Rock Art, Spaceman, UFO, European Man, Reptilians, Mayan Civilization, and the Flying Serpent.

North Africa

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 8 of 13
Nazca, Peru, The Stones of Ica, The Nasca "Mandala", Stars Map, Tree of Life, EL Fuerte Bolivia a Launch Ramp , Telepathic Aliens, and Wandjina Rock Art.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 9 of 13
Antenna Aliens, The Golden Ritual Skull, Greek Mythology teaching Astronomy and Mathematics, Mount Olympus, Athens, Greece, Antikythera Mechanism, Clock, Secrets of the Annunaki "Prince of the Royal (genetic) Seed", and Electricity.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 10 of 13
Reptilian Brotherhood of the Snake, Temple of Hathor, The Temples of Dendera, Alien Blood of Babylon, Sumerian Empire, Nephilim or Elohim, Zazzummin, Raphaim, and Anakim.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 11 of 13
Human Blood, Sacrifice, The Aline Agenda, NASA, Brotherhood of the Snake, "Hidden Masters", Spirits of Another World in Power Houses Decision makers, and Governing, Snake, Eagle, and Pine Cone Symbols.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 12 of 13
Symbols, Shamans, Bak'ti, Spirit of the Earth and Star Gods or Kachina, Serpent in the Garden of Eden is "Nachash" in Hebrew meaning Snake or as a verb Deceiver, Root Word of Nachash from Assyrian term Nesu, Nesu means always Changeling or Shape-shifter, Alien, Dinasour, and Bird Reptilian.

Secret Space: Alien Invasion Part 13 of 13
"QuetzalCoatl" The Reptilian God-King Knowledge of the Cosmos, Chanes People or People of the Serpent, Itzamna, Itzem = Lizard, Water of Life, Olmec, USA Sego Canyon, Chinese Nu Kua of Reptilian Genetics, and Illminati.

Please note that the moon landing video and pictures have been edited and staged. It is said there is no atmosphere for survival when there is proof of it. Plus only recently NASA has reported water on the moon when there was water all along. We can land on the moon and have in secret. I believe we even have a base there. There is evidence of life there of ancient civilization and modern technology of roads, pyramids, towers, domes, and etc. This applies to Mars as well.


Iwanttobelieve said...

What race of Aliens has dominion over the earth now? these ancient astronoughts appear hostile, selfish and less than benevelant yet modern ufo cases and experiences appear quite different ie, very observant and mysterious as oppose to we are here to own you.


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