Friday, February 4, 2011

Landing on the Moon, Fiction or Non-Fiction, Fake or Fact

This is not an 'ordinary' documentary... It's intent is to inform and entertain the viewer, but also to shake him up, make him aware of the fact that television can get it wrong (intentionally or not) .We want to achieve this aim by using a universally known event (the landing on the Moon) that is surrounded by question marks (which is a fact) and spin some tale around it, that sounds plausible but isn't a fact (although there are elements in it that are real!).

Confused? It will all be revealed before the end of the film... once the viewer is hooked, strung along and starts really wondering. The Message is simple.. Do not believe what you see on Television or in the News. by: itsmeraja007

Please note
that the moon landing video and pictures have been edited and staged. It is said there is no atmosphere for survival when there is proof of it. Plus only recently NASA has reported water on the moon when there was water all along. We can land on the moon and have in secret. I believe we even have a base there. There is evidence of life there of ancient civilization and modern technology of roads, pyramids, towers, domes, and etc. This applies to Mars as well.

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Secret Space
Enigma Channel, The Illuminati conquest of space 2005 (The Moon, Fake Lunar Exploration, UFO, Money/Power, )

the U. S. military has its own UFOs and this is just another data point from her pointing in the direction of a decades-long military program of deep deceit and thorough lies about the true involvement of U. S. military agencies in secret UFO and space technology and projects. It’s highly likely that there are multiple, secret, classified, tightly compartmentalized UFO and space programs – not just a single space program but programS, plural, and that the U. S. military and NASA have been lying through their teeth to the American people about all of this since at least the World War II era, if not before. Source from David Icke Forum

What evidence is there of the Fake Moon Landing have?
  • No Plans for return trips
  • Images show that Stars were missing from the black lunar sky
  • Absence of engine noise in official NASA footage - how was it possible to clearly hear the voices of the Astronauts?
  • No Blast Crater under the LEM after the powerful engines had been fired
  • Astronauts Footprints - How was it possible for footprints to be left undisturbed and without dust
  • American Flag was waving - how is this possible when there is no air on the moon
  • Pictures of the ascent of the LEM - images appear to show that the LEM was jerked up, as if by a cable, there was no evidence of an exhaust plume
  • Grainy, Unclear images although technology at the time could have produced much clearer images - Did NASA intentionally make the images hard to see?
  • Still Photographs - Cameras were fitted to the Astronauts chest - there was no view finder and photographs could only be taken by movement of the body but 1000's of flawless photographs were taken
  • Crosshairs on Still Photographs - The crosshairs on the photographs could only be on the top of images but pictures of the Astronauts and the Flag clearly show that the crosshairs were partially obscured, beneath the images
  • Shadows - The only source of light on the moon was the Sun but shadows were cast in multiple directions
  • Lighting - Images of Astronauts were brightly lighted although their positions would have clearly been in shadow. Some images indicate that the Astronauts appeared to be in spotlight
  • Backgrounds - the backdrops or the moonscape of some images appear to be identical although NASA stated that the images were taken at different times and locations which were over 2 miles apart
  • The Van Allen Radiation Belt - Could the Astronauts survive travelling through the deadly radiation belt which is situated 500 miles above the earth and is 1000's of miles thick with only the protection from their space suits and the thin covering of the space ship when it is estimated that 6 feet of lead would be necessary would have been needed. None of the Astronauts have since showed any signs of radiation poisoning
  • No other manned mission has gone through the Belt
  • Silencing - It seems unreasonable that information would not have been leaked about any such hoax - theorists therefore believe that key witnesses, including members of the Astronaut Corps, were deliberately silenced. Between 1964 and 1967 10 astronauts died in accidents - 15% of the corps.

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