Thursday, January 20, 2011

New World Order, Luciferian, Secret Orders, Egyptian Philosophy, Design Diseases, and Engineering Warfare - Jordan Maxwell and Anthony J. Hilder

Jordan Maxwell - Lucifer 2000 Part 1 of 6

Control Groups, NWO, Conspiracy on Man, Symbolism, Egyptian Philosophy, Bavarian Order of Illuminati, Freemason, Satanism, United Nation, British Israel World Federation, Rhodes Scholar, and Yale's Skull & Bones.

Jordan Maxwell - Lucifer 2000 Part 2 of 6
Council of Foreign Relation, Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller, Lucifer Organization, UN Lucis Trust Publishing, Empire, Live in a Free Society, Independent Nations, Intellectual Mistakes is Impossible its Planned!

Jordan Maxwell - Lucifer 2000 Part 3 of 6
Federal Reserve Bank = Infinite Debt, Words, Terms, Catch Phrases, Washington DC, the Thousand Point of Light, the Nights Templar, and influence of Colombia, and Europe.

Jordan Maxwell - Lucifer 2000 Part 4 of 6
Old World Order (Europe) and New World Order (America), Empire State, York, Population Control, Design Diseases, AIDS, HIV, H1N1, May 1st 1776, The Invisible Government, Club of Rome, Bohemian Society, and the Owl (see's in the dark and its head can turn 360 Degrees).

Jordan Maxwell - Lucifer 2000 Part 5 of 6
You wants proof, search it up, search Jordan Maxwell and Zacharia Sitchin, Michael Tsarion, Alex Jones and etc, American Presidents, Media Empire, Government Empire, Entertainment Empire, Food and Beverages Empire, Evil Empire, NASA, Order out of Chaos, and the Free World Alliance.

Jordan Maxwell - Lucifer 2000 Part 6 of 6
Educate yourself, Knowledge is key, know your Enemy and mans Origin, Gods of out Time, Global Religion, IMF, Symbols, Civil Unrest, Illusion, Nazi, Adolf Hitler, War, General Motors, Future Plan, and Engineering Warfare.

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2012 Consciousness Shift Resources (is a link) said...

Greetings Miss Lucy ^_^

Jordan is such a sweet spirit.

Had you considered that if you take the term "Illuminati" and reverse it using mathematical word association it spells "Lucifer"

This is because Lucifer is the logos of the "born to lead" ruling class family (a social memory complex) that is currently involved as the potentializer for the learning lessons on planet earth.

The very best to you on your journey of discovery,