Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Legions, Vatican, British Monarchy, Jerusalem, Nazi America, Government, Neocon, Astrology, and Galactic Cycle - Michael Tsarion

Micheal Tsarion gives a presenation in The Granada Forum in Los Angeles 2006. He speaks on various subjects such as the illuminati bloodlines and the secret elite who are moving towards establishing a New World Order and the much needed awakening of the conciousness of man in order to reach spiritual enlightment. He discusses the Mayan Calender and the 2012 end date. Michael Tsarion has researched ancient civilizations and ancient texts for years and his mentor was Jordan Maxwell. He has a vast amount of knowledge regarding symbolism and is teacher of many of the sacred arts such as tarot and astrology. Please view with open eyes and research the information that he presents because after all this is just another point of view backed with documentation as to how he arrived at his conclusion and it is very interesting......ENJOY

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (1 of 19)
Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, the Government and Media Lies. Legions, Vatican, British Monarchy, Secret Order, Nazi America, Neocon Skull and Bone, Freemason and etc.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (2 of 19)
Family Line, Decent, Pope, Dark Side of the Sun, Consciousness, Govern = Control and Ment = Mind, Teacher = Threat, and 2012, Hinduism, Physical Man rather than Conscious Man, and Darkness rather than Light.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (3 of 19)
Pluton, Prophesy and Prediction.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (4 of 19)
Origins of Consciousness, ET Movie, Alien creating Boy, Yogic a Genetic Cleansing of the manipulated DNA, Abusive Behavior, Schizophrenia to split or to divide, Traumatize Human, Ego, Insanity, Gnostic, Uniqueness, and Life Span.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (5 of 19)
Rationalize, Human Aggression, Violence, and being born in a War Civilization. Man kills Man, Animals other species to survive, while human take pride in death and destruction. Ritualistic killing, look at the dates most of it is just sacrifice of man. Pluto the Age of Revealing in Energy Force.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (6 of 19)
Pluto, Psychology, Sanity root word is Sanitize, Hindu and Shiva. Cycles of Life and Astronomy. the Shadow need to be integrated with the Self to awaken the Conscious.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (7 of 19)
the Persona Life you Rejoice, but your Conscious Life how much can you bare it. Escape, Distraction, and Ignorance. Psychic War, Religion, Living in Disharmony, Projection and Inflation.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (8 of 19)
Seek the Truth, Jehovah, Obedience, Identification of Hate, Enslavement, Terror, Rebellion, and Lies built on Lies from the Ages.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (9 of 19)
Only you know what you are suppose to do! Symbolism, 1 Party System, the Brotherhood, Green Ribbon Lodge, Left Wing and Right Wing working for 1 brain. Myth of War.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (10 of 19)
Its easier to control people in disorder or dismay. Israel, Jerusalem, Jewish, and Palestine. Forceful, Aggressive and Mind Manipulation.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (11 of 19)
Disguise Sadism, Hidden Agenda, Master and Slave, Healthy and Unhealthy. Spirits of Rebellion, Independence, Identification, while Movies show you its Impossible Psychologically (look at what the hero has to go through to win). Religion, True Enlightenment People, Institution, Mind Manipulation, Group Mind, Consensus Trance, Conscious Manipulation, Hidden Controlling Government, and Pathology.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (12 of 19)
Group Thinking rather than Individuality, Rockefeller thanks the Media the People and the coming of NWO. Royal Blood, Carl Gustav Young, Tyranny in Russia, China, coming to the World, United Nation another tool of the NWO, Fear is the Mind Killer, Intellectual Slavery, Give up your Right for Security, and Mental, Physical, Conscious, and State of Control.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (13 of 19)
As long as the problem is not knocking on your door, Ignorance of the Truth, we are paying of these lies in Blood, Monitoring Law by Creating Fear for the Need of it. War on Terror, Cold War, Atomic War, Civil War. "Am I being Lied to, or Have I Bought into a Lie".

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (14 of 19)
Wake up to the Truth, but you have to ready for it, Ego has to be eliminated, and seek true knowledge restrain from Anger, Hate, Violence, and the Dark side. One has to educate themselves on the Drugs manufactured and used, contaminated Food that we eat, and Vaccine we shot ourselves and our kids. Cruelty to Self must STOP! Sadism, Necrophilia, Masochism, Ecocide,Obsession with the Physical Self.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (15 of 19)
Fitness Redundancy, Anxiety, the Cure is future poison, Experts, True Yoga, Hygiene, 2012, Apocalypse, War on Mind/Consciousness, Energy and Sun, Photons, DNA Absorbs and Emits Light. Galactic Cycle, THINKING, ELF, and Crystals.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (16 of 19)
Collapse of Earths Magnetic Field, Evolution of Earth, Tempering of the Magnetic Field Effect Animals, Earth Grid is connected to the Human Consciousness, the Holy Spirit is You! Male/Female+Self+ Universal Intelligence, and Return to Self-hood.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (17 of 19)
Know Thy Self, end Dependency, Chemical Divorce, Owning yourself, Turn your Racket Down, Listen, Enlightenment, and Relationship.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (18 of 19)
Self Destruction, Age of Revealing, Enlightenment and Lightness, 2012, and Technology.

Michael Tsarion - Future of Mankind (19 of 19)
People need to Face ones Self, the Tyranny has just started, WAKE UP the Spirit of Rebellion, and say NO.


Anonymous said...

Do you feel that Syria spying on dissidents?

Anonymous said...

Any news about A defector's mysterious disappearance?

Jey said...

I bet the hidden hand is busy stirring up something in Syria. Labeling those who are civilized and intelligent enough to trouble them amongst other things....