Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Human Emotion, Intelligence and Communiction of an Energy Field, Meditation, DNA, Photons, Universe Conscious, The Heart, and OBE - Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden expounds on the concept of a Divine Matrix, which he defines as a bridge between the inner and outer world, and a mirror of quantum essence. In further describing the matrix, he cites the work of physicist Max Planck who wrote about a non-conventional form of energy from which all physical matter originates.

This matrix or field is not something that is "out there" but rather it's the very stuff that is holding us together, says Braden. The universe can be viewed as a massive computer, with our consciousness as the operating system and our emotions/feelings as the software.

We each create a feeling in our heart, and like prayer, it can have a direct effect on the planet. Prayer can be most effective if the desired outcome is perceived as having already happened, as this gives the field something to work with, he explains.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 1

The Divine Matrix, Bridging, Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief. Human Emotion, Intelligent Energy Field, Ancient Teachings, and Communicating with this Field a Bridge between Experiences, and Mirror of Quantum Essence.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 2
Non Conventional Field of Energy, and that all Matter originate from this virtue. Everything is Connected, Consciousness, Power of Human Emotion, and Meditation.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 3
Massive Consciousness of the Universe and Laboratory Experiment on DNA and Photons. Human Emotions and DNA. "Feeling is the Language" not words.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 4
Test of great Consciousness in a Global Scale. Conscious effects in Feelings, Empowerment, and how to use this Communication in this Neutral Field. Responsibility and Time!

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 5
Square Root of 1% to start Peace, Healing Process, and the Essence of Life Connections.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 6
Universe Holographic Entanglement, Feeling is a prayer that we need to Feel and become into, to bring about the healing. Love is the Answer. Cooperation not Competition.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 7
Will you change it! the doorway to consciousness and knowledge is right before you. The Universe and Us, we just need to surround ourselves with positive energy and think in such a way that a jolt can be felt in the ground creating an environment of completeness of being one with everything and everyone.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 8
Speaking the wrong language, we are all unique different in mind but one is self and Nature. The Heart and Out of Body Experience (OBE).

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 9
All we need is 8000 people, lets jump start the World and have Peace on Everyone, Life, Earth, and the Universe. Time and Space.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 10
"Feel as If, not For in a Clear Mind" Love as a feeling in our Emotion that is the key.

The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Part 11
What is this experience about?

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