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Esoteric and Exoteric; NWO, Food/Water Poisoning, Earth & Human Consciousness, and Ancient Civilization

There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 1 of 13
Nature, Symbols, Words, 2012, Callenders, Consciousness, Time, Astrology, and the Order.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 2 of 13

Paganism, Egypt, Israel, Britain, America, Banks, the FED, and CFR.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 3 of 13
Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, Patients, Timing, Knowledge of the Opponent, Sacrifice, Nazi, the Queen, Money/Debt. The ambition of Consciousness; Omnipresence, Omniscient, Omnipotence, Ostara, Gaia, and Day of the Feast.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 4 of 13
Seek your truth... New Religion, NWO... A Good Advertisment... Politic, Patriotism, Religion, Faith, Population control, and Nutrition, and Health.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 5 of 13

Codex, Food Control, Water, Sodium Fluoride, Aspartame, and Agenda 21.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 6 of 13
Genetic Manipulation, IUCN, Biocentrism, Eco Crisis, Global Warming, and Disasters by HAARP or TESLA.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 7 of 13

Truth of Global Warming, Cause Problem and Solution towards NWO, worship of Gaia, United Nation Law, and the North American Union.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 8 of 13
Property abolished and given back to Nature, the Teacher, True Knowledge of both good and bad, Bill Cooper (thank you, one of my teachers, search his name on my blog), and the Revolution through knowledge and leading yourself Experience it yourself.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 9 of 13
Bill of Rights, Constitution, Free Enterprise, Capital Letters, Law, Paganism, the Onslaught of East Timor, Indonesia 1975, Colour, and Music.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 10 of 13
Transmission, Talisman, Catch Phrases, Fire Sacrifice, 6 Emochs, 6 K (Balance), Fear, Destruction, Cultist, and Oklahoma Bombing.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 11 of 12
Holistic Thinking, Shamanism, Consciousness, Connection of Man and Earth, Musical Harmony, Genetics, DNA, Fear, Love, Zero Point (Magnetic Field), and the Pulse.

Esoteric Agenda - Part 12 of 12
13 Cycle, Physical Vibration, the Transition of the Psyche, Truth, Embrace, Conquer thy Self with love, DNA is a receive and a transmitter, Frequencies, and Light the Darkness in your life cause love Conquers All.

Esoteric and Exoteric
M.Alan Kazlev
Esoteric means the "inner" (eso-), in the sense of the inner consciousness; the contemplative, mystical or meditative transpersonal perspective. This is something different from the ordinary everyday understanding of things, and can only be understood by intuition or higher mental or spiritual faculties.

The opposite of Esoteric is Exoteric, which means the "outer" (exo-), i.e. the outer or surface or everyday consciousness. This includes both the scientific-materialistic and the conventional (or literal) religious perspective. As it is based on the everyday understanding of things, and does not require any transformation of consciousness (and indeed considers any such transformation to be harmful), it assumes that the everyday mind alone can understand Reality. (Things are not always that simple though, because in order to do, say, quantum physics one requires a mathematical intuition not shared by many).

Central to the distinction between Esoteric and Exoteric is that of states of consciousness. An Exoteric philosophy or religion as one which is based on the normal waking state of consciousness, or a modified state of consciousness which is still pretty close to the normal waking state. Any aspiration beyond the ordinary state of existence is discouraged. For example, according to the religious person, "God created/loves you just as you are", so who are you to question what God has ordained for you by striving for some higher state of consciousness? While according to the sceptical Materialist, there is no higher state beyond the rational mind anyway (all non-rational states of consciousness being delusionary).

In contrast, all true Esotericism is Gnostic. That is, it is based on Higher Knowledge, or Gnosis, to use the Greek term. Gnosis is a much superior way of understanding than Reason. Reason stumbles around with premises and logical arguments, and uses these in its own way, without regard for higher truth. With reason alone, you can equally prove or disprove any statement. Certainly, used properly, reason is an invaluable aid to understanding and approaching the Truth. But used improperly, it can cunningly justify any statement or argument, no matter how patently false. It is through this negative use of reason that the inferior religious and sceptical materialistic philosophies are able to flourish.

Thus we have (putting it of course simplistically) two fundamental positions; the Exoteric literal religious-and-scientific position, which requires no transformation of consciousness, and is therefore accessible to the "average joe"; and the Esoteric "mystical" and philosophically sophisticated position, which is based on the transformation of the self and the understanding of the nature of reality. Of course, I need to emphasise here once again that this is an oversimplification of what is not really a clear cut few and many dichotomy at all. For example the understanding of an "exoteric" (no need to attain a mystical/transpersonal state) science such as physics is accessible to only a small percentile of the population (which is why there are so few talented physicists), whereas the average person (if spiritually inclined) is much more easily able to understand and assimilate mystical or at least New Age topics, such as homeopathy, "geopathogenic zones", eastern teachings (especially as presented by a guru), and so on.




Preferred state of consciousness

Normal waking consciousness

Expanded; meditative or spiritual states

Transformation of personality

No (ego-centred)

Yes (transpersonal)

Means of knowledge

Reason (secular), Belief (religious)

Higher Inspiration and Intuition ("Gnosis")


External (Bible, Church, Science, etc)

Internal (Inner feelings and intuition)

Philosophy or teachings

Narrow; only one authority (Bible, Scientific method,etc), everything outside that is considered false

Broad; universal, is able to draw from many different teachings, both exoteric and esoteric

Metaphysical Position

Simplistic (Materialism, Dualism, or Holism)

Sophisticated (complex cosmology, psychology, ontology,etc) - Emanationism, Dramaturgism

Concept of Absolute Reality

God (Dualism): i.e. God is mainly considered as a separate, external being
or Space-Time-Energy (Materialism) - the "unified field theory" or Theory of Everything or some such holy grail of physics

Universal Consciousness (Monism)The Divine is within as well as without

Exoteric Freemasonry - 1 of 4
Diversion, Blue Loge, Fellow Craft and Master Craft, NWO, North America, Paganism, and Hermetic Egypt.

Exoteric Freemasonry - 2 of 4
Rituals, Symbols, Reproductive System M/F, Sun Worship, Craft, and the Initiation.

Exoteric Freemasonry - 3 of 4
Luciferianism, the Inner Circle, Belief and Religion.

Exoteric Freemasonry - 4 of 4
The all seeing Eye, Merits to enter Heaven, Occult, Religion, and walking towards the Light.

Exoteric and Esoteric
Tom Hickey

When a teacher proclaims seeking the Highest One aside of established revelation and the orthodox community, before long a new orthodoxy arises around that teaching too, as in the case of Jesus with Judaism, Budhha with the Vedic Brahmanical religion of his time, Nanak with the Hinduism and Islam of his time, and so on. It is apparently an ongoing dialectic due to the circumstance that many people who are not evolved enough to let go of their enculturation.

The problem is that as soon as a teacher asserts something spiritual, it soon takes on the character of a metaphysical model whose interpretation by the majority of powerful becomes privileged (orthodox). The alternatives are either to disguise one's assertion poetically (Kabbalah, Mystical Christianity and Sufism) or else to abjure all modeling as misleading, which is the Zen alternative. Because the more fundamentalist orthodoxy is so politically powerful in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the sages of Kabbalah, Mystical Christianity and Sufism have relied on poetic metaphors to disguise an underlying model which the orthodox would likely deem heretical and react against. Zen, on the other hand, abjures model construction almost entirely because it sees models as establishing boundaries whereas the aim of the teaching (dharma) is the Boundless.

Note Source From: Kheper

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