Saturday, July 17, 2010

Truth on the People in Power, US Presidents, Jews, Illuminati, and the Bible

It is sad that we are letting a few people control us.
They feed us with negativity and make us fight one another.
Shower them and all with love, be it Asian, African, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist
We are one.... We are one...

Create a solution with love, not war.
We need to stop killing one another.
No more soldiers and police that protect and serve the government.
No more jails and monetary system instead correction centers and service system.
No more zoo's and slaughter houses that enslave animals from their freedom.
Gaia is home... Earth is home...
Love her and treat her better than oneself...

Do not give in to hate, anger, and fear.
Those that are in control and are in power want us to fall down the this whole.
Television and the media are the fallen angles.

Search the truth in words.
Seeing is not believing,
Believing is seeing... Lets not make the human race a dying race
Take a deep breath..... You've been lied to all your life
Awake from your sleep.... awake from this dream

We fear unknowingly
Don't give hate a chance
You are stronger than you think.... remember that
Make your stand..
Your are not a fool

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