Saturday, July 24, 2010

History of the Kings of Babylon and Baghdad and the Endless War

Babylonian Kings
The Babylonian King List is not merely a list of kings of Babylon, but is a very specific ancient list of supposed Babylonian kings recorded in several ancient locations, and related to its predecessor, the Sumerian King List. As in the latter, contemporaneous dynasties are listed chronologically without comment.
There are two versions, one known as "King List A" (containing all the kings from the First Dynasty of Babylon to the Neo-Assyrian king Kandalanu) and "King List B" (containing only the two first dynasties). A third version was written in Greek by Berossus. The "Babylonian King List of the Hellenistic Age" is a continuation that mentions all the Seleucid kings from Alexander the Great to Demetrius II Nicator. ~wikipedia~
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Baghdad Pact 1956

1979 Sadam Hussein
Now another puppet government is set up by the American and British.

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