Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vaccines Truth, Polio, Shots, Children to Adults, and Chemicals. Is Vaccine Good or Bad ~Educate Yourself~

I don't want to say much, just that you have to watch this video. It is important for your health and those around you. Educate yourself.

Remember these chemicals:
  1. Mercury
  2. Merthiolate
  3. Thimerosal
Search using key words such as "H1N1", "Swine Flu" and "Vaccine" on other issues of swine flu and vaccination causes and effects on this blog.

Part 1 pf 10
History of Virus.

Part 2 of 10
Autistic Cases and Manipulation.

Part 3 of 10
Study of People.

Part 4 of 10
Insiders, Investors and Decision Makers for Profit.

Part 5 of 10
Pregnancy Shots and World Health Organization (WHO)? Profit, Population Control, and Genocide.

Part 6 of 10
Population Control, John Rockefeller 1973 and Henry Kissinger 1974. Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (GAVI).

Part 7 of 10
Spreading their evil with vaccines they need to be stopped NOW! GAVI + Bill Gates + Rockefeller.

Part 8 of 10
Birth Control Vaccine for fertility, Research Centers for Immunology, attack the Reproductive System for the children of tomorrow. Carrier Proteins for hCG; Tetanus toxoid (TT) and Dipheria toxoid (DT)

Part 9 of 10
Contamination, Corruption, Deception. Indonesia, India, China, and Africa. Please stay away from vaccination.

Part 10 of 10
Fertility, Test Subjects, Experience Reports, Statistics, and Science.

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