Sunday, April 11, 2010

Answers and Doubts on Vaccines & Vaccination

The only way to ever know if its true is to, visit your drugstore or doctor and ask them the dosage of the drugs prescribed be it pills, liquid for injections and find out about the chemicals used. Most medical information is online these days, so use it if your not sure of what the doctors are going to give you or your child.

These are some of the downsides and harms the label doesn't tell you.

Vaccination or No Vaccination by: Vaccine911dotcom
Watch and listen as Dr. Rohlfsen, a Chiropractor, challenges the dogma of the medical establishment's claim of healthier children. Are vaccinated children healthier than non vaccinated children? And where is the proof? Please don't be a darn fool and claim because, "we don't have measles, polio, etc... and this demonstrates, all the proof we need".

Any good scientist would agree that it is impossible and foolish to try and prove a negative. e.g "Because we don't have polio, the vaccination must have worked!" This is a sick and perverted informal fallacy that has promoted the vaccine hoax for so many years. Who's to say proper hygiene, sanitation and better nutrition as well as other factors didn't have a greater impact? Where does the burden of proof stand?

Government Vaccination Control over School and Knowledge

Doctors are kept in the dark or with them.

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