Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ho Chi Minh a True Hero of Viertnam Communist Revolutionary, Prime Minister and President

Ho Chi Minh

Hồ Chí Minh born in Nguyễn Sinh Cung (19 May 1890 – 2 September 1969) was a Vietnamese Communist revolutionary and statesman who was prime minister (1946–1955) and president (1945–1969) of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam).

Hồ led the Viet Minh independence movement from 1941 onward, establishing the communist-governed Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945 and defeating the French Union in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu. He lost political power inside North Vietnam in the late 1950s, but remained as the highly visible figurehead president until his death. The former capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, after the Fall of Saigon, was renamed Hồ Chí Minh City in his honor.

Watch this insightful documentary about a man who sort freedom, liberation and justice for his country and people. The fight against the invaders and tyrant that plunge the homes of others for a ideology they thought/think is wrong, "Communism" when it is set to treat everyone equally ~video by the History Channel~

Biography of Ho Chi Minh (Part 1)

Biography of Ho Chi Minh (Part 2)

Biography of Ho Chi Minh (Part 3)

A short documentary "must watch" to make you understand what happen in Vietnam and still could be happening around the world like in Iraq, Afgan, Pakistan, Korea and etc...

This is the true fact of what happen to Vietnam or Viet Minh Revolution against the French and US the invaders who kill and bomb with no mercy and true reason. Its a 5 part episode documentary by History Channel. To watch all five of them click on the link below.


R U Kiddin Me? said...

You've got to be kiddin' me right? Ho Chi Minh a hero? He's the worst thing that happened to vietnam. Just go to vietnam and take a look at how people are living. That should say it all.

Lennard Grahn said...

what do you meant? it would better if they were slaves in a French coloinial Empire?

Jey said...

Ho Chi Minh was fighting to liberate his country... A nation fighting to be free from being devastated from a foreign body.....

Would you rather have your own identify or being controlled/mastered by someone else who have no reason but WAR

Anonymous said...

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