Friday, August 7, 2009

Africa Strikes August 2009

All around the world people are wanting their governments to stand up for the rights of the people...

In Africa the voters of the current President Jacob Zuma, what him to keep up to his promises... But most things are privatized or allowing the rich to be richer and poor to get nothing... The gap between social divide of the country is visible... From the charging of higher electric charges to rural areas than to commercial industry and urban population is rather STUPID!!!!
  1. Note it is not only in Africa but in all corners of the world, even in America , Britain, etc
  2. Point is no one wants to give up their power. They either want more power, or to build more power for their own family's
  3. Investors, oh shit if this happens investors will leave or be wary of investing in Africa
Why not think of the people first instead of the foreigners. Why bother about others when you yourself are unhappy???? Build a better future for the people first.
Give out more help to allow the poor to get into the economy, trust me they are willing to work and are working under the sun with no air con and office space, yet they get paid less than 10 dollars a day while some get 10 dollars an hours.

A song of hope for both side... I hope you can hear this simple message

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