Monday, November 3, 2014

Finding Soul Mate & Other Questions - Mark Gungor

Mark Gungor — Finding Soul Mate & Other Questions 
Mark Gungor, very popular speaker and couch on marriage relationships, answers questions like:

— Is there such a thing as a soul mate?
— Why marriage is a hard work?
— Can your mate meet all your needs?
— How much of the job is my part in marriage?
— Why communication is now so hard while it was so easy before marriage?
— Why can't my spouse say exactly when he or she means?
— Why women need to TAKE things from their men?
— Why doesn't your husband do what you tell him?
— Why isn't my marriage as perfect as other people's?
— Do spouses need to do same things together all the time?
— Why does my man do what he does, for what reasons?
— Judging your spouse in a positive way.
— Man's role in building up his wife's and children's self-image.
— Why man can't focus completely on work and providing for his family?
— Is it possible to have great sex life in marriage?
— Can the effects of pornography and masturbation be reversed?
— Is masturbation okay when you are separated for longs periods of time?
— Who should initiate sex?
— Is it okay to use sex to get what you want?
— What if my husband wants sex all the time?
— What do I do if sex is boring?

Finding Soul Mate & Other Questions

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