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Government Preparation for 2012 Apocalypse - Jesse Ventura


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
by Sterling D. Allan - Jan. 20, 2010
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In Episode 7 of his "Conspiracy Theory" series, movie star, professional wrestler, former Navy SEAL and former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, takes on the subject of apocalypse 2012 and the underground bunkers being built by the U.S. government.

The new episode looks at scientific evidence of possible solar flare activity that could wipe out the electrical grid as well as bring major physical catastrophes to the planet.

They uncover evidence that the U.S. government is preparing for a major disaster, planning to save only the elite, keeping their plans from the public because they don't have enough time or resources to prepare for everyone.

Maybe the movie 2012 isn't so outlandish. (That movie, by the way, has huge entertainment value with a "in the nick of time" plot throughout and great special effects.)

Besides Biblical prophecy of the earth being destroyed by fire this time (last time by flood) [symbolic parallels to the baptism of water and of the spirit], with a few being "lifted above the clouds", I can't help but think of the Biblical verse that says that "the meek shall inherit the earth." Will the twisted elite's efforts to protect themselves with mammoth facilities built by pilfered public moneys be successful? Should we also build such bunkers, or will more modest preparations be adequate?

Source from: peswiki
Mentions FEMA's Mt. Weather, Virginia bunker that could house thousands of people for continuity of government. "Dozens and dozens of other facilities."Talk with Lawrence Joseph about potential massive solar flares and their predicted effect on modern life on earth in 2010. Cites National Academy of Sciences reports that solar storms could lead to a cascade of catastrophes. Reviews a Dec. '08 report of a breach in the magnetosphere discovered by NASA spacecraft, giving us a "shield is down" situation. A look at satellite photos of large facilities that the govt. denies even exist. A look at a private civilian bunker in Kansas using a decommissioned ICBM facility. A look at a private civilian bunker in Kansas using a decommissioned ICBM facility. A look at Cheyenne MountainComplex bunker and Denver International Airport. Considering the 300,000 square-foot massive bunker structures under the Denver International Airport. A list of contractors. 

Apocalypse 2012

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