Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Truth about Morocco - Prision, Life, Journalism, and the Monarcy

The Arab Spring continues across the Middle East, most of the world's attention has been focused on the likes of Egypt and Libya, Morocco was on the firsts to see dissent.

Since early 2011, Moroccans have been fighting for change in their country. Like most of the Middle East, they want democracy. While most of the world's media is focused on Egypt and Syria, hunger strikers in Morocco are keeping the pressure up on their despotic regime.

Human rights groups in the country say 27 prisoners, manly students, who were arrested during the pro-democracy uprisings are in deteriorating condition. They are protesting against "long detentions without trial...repeated provocations accompanied by threats and beatings and inhumane treatment including solitary confinement." The human rights groups say, "their health has been deteriorating while officials ignore their cases."

On this week's Infocus, we travel to Morocco to ask: Are reforms proposed by King Mohammad VI of any real meaning? Has there been any change in the country at all? Why are these young people risking their lives by going on hunger strike, in one case for over 101 days? And why is the government seemingly unconcerned by their plight?

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Morocco: Behind the Bars-Infocus - 06-03-2012

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