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Intentions Experiment Bending Time, Space, Matter, Transmitting and Receiving Information - Lynne McTaggart


Lynne McTaggart is the award-winning author of five books, including the international bestselling sensations The Field and The Intention Experiment. She is an internationally recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality.

The Field has been called ‘the seminal book of the New Age’ – the first book to synthesize all the discoveries from frontier quantum physicists about the nature of consciousness into a unified theory, comprehensive to the ordinary layman.

The book is also an exciting, compelling read, a scientific detective story. It is the number one read for anyone interested in paradigm shift, the nature of consciousness, the so-called ‘paranormal’.
The book has been applauded by notables such a Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Dr Wayne Dyer, called it “the most profound and enlightening book I have ever read.”
The Intention Experiment is a series of web-based experiments with Lynne McTaggart and leading scientists around the world to test the power of our thoughts to change the physical world.

She has also been overseeing a range of intention experiments on the web – believed to be the largest mind-over-matter trials ever undertaken – as well as a peace intention project that harnessed the intentions of thousands of participants on the troubled island of Sri Lanka, which has been devastated by civil war for nearly 30 years.

Lynne McTaggart’s ‘Living With Intention’ workshop has been changing lives around the world – from California to Kuwait. Each time extraordinary things have happened, including overnight healing and development of extra-sensory powers.

Now it’s available as a four-DVD set, with training in how to Power Up to achieve better intention results, how to send and receive another’s thoughts, harnessing the unique power of a group in healing sessions, and dealing with negative intention. Comes with a 12-page booklet.

Living The Field is the world’s first system of staged lessons to show you how to live a more miraculous, integrated life – based on science.

The Field tells a radically new scientific story. The latest frontier science suggests that at our essence, we exist as a unity, a relationship – utterly interdependent, the parts affecting the whole at every moment.

She and her husband Bryan Hubbard publish What Doctors Don’t Tell You, the world’s most well respected health newsletters, books and on-line information on alternative health.

For media inquiries:
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Official website: The Intention Experiment 
Source from: The Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggert "The Intention Experiment" by Alan Steinfeld

Lecture: Living With Intention - Part 1

Lecture: Living With Intention - Part 2

Lecture: Living With Intention - Part 3

Lecture: Living With Intention - Part 4

Lecture: Living With Intention - Part 5

Lecture: Living With Intention - Part 6

Lecture: Living With Intention - Part 7

Audio Learning Seminar Course
Is intention simply wishful thinking, or is it a force that can actually change the world around you? Nobody has made a more comprehensive investigation of the power of the mind to influence the universe than Lynne McTaggart. Her conclusion: thought does shape reality, but much depends on how skillfully the thinker can use his or her intention. With Living with Intention, this groundbreaking author builds upon her findings from The Field to explore what makes mind—over—matter work, what can interfere with its effectiveness, and how you can use focused thought to enhance your life, help those around you, and transform your world.

Consciousness: The Final Frontier of Physics
"Individual studies neither prove nor disprove the power of intention," McTaggart explains, "but when we take the research as a whole, a remarkable picture of the truth begins to emerge." Her extensive research into the frontiers of science reveals that our understanding of what is physically possible is rapidly expanding to give us new view of the universe, in which the role of consciousness is as important as the laws of physics. On Living with Intention, she lucidly presents the latest science from the quantum pioneers—and then shows you how to put these discoveries into action.

Learn the Secrets of the "Masters of Intention"
By studying the common traits of "intention masters" from various traditions—such as Buddhist monks, Qigong experts, and intuitive healers—McTaggart has developed a series of practical techniques for getting the best results from your intentions. Now she shares her most reliable exercises for "powering up" your thoughts through visualization, focus, and surrender to the greater universal energy that is the true agent of manifesting your desires. With Living with Intention, Lynne McTaggart provides an invaluable resource of information, practices, and scientifically based training for turning thought into reality—and unlocking your true human potential.

Living with Intention session one - 1 of 8

Living with Intention session one - 2 of 8

Living with Intention session one - 3 of 8

Living with Intention session one - 4 of 8

Living with Intention session one - 5 of 8

Living with Intention session one - 6 of 8

Living with Intention session one - 7 of 8

Living with Intention session one - 8 of 8

The Power Of Conscious Intention - Part 1 of 4

The Power Of Conscious Intention - Part 2 of 4

The Power Of Conscious Intention - Part 3 of 4

The Power Of Conscious Intention - Part 4 of 4

Lynn Mc Taggert on Quantum Physics 1 of 2

Lynn Mc Taggert on Quantum Physics 2 of 2

Zero Point Field
The zero point energy field fuels your DNA, your heart and the very life you life. Enlightenment is dependent upon your interaction with Zero Point Energy Field.

Living with intention workshop - Part 1

Living with intention workshop - Part 2

Lynne McTaggart The Field audio book CD1 Part 01

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