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Symbology Geometry Energy and Awakening - Matthew Delooze

Matthew Delooze
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In 1999, aged 40, I went through a very traumatic spiritual awakening that literally changed my life overnight. I was also labelled a paranoid psychotic by the authorities who failed to understand what was really happening to me. One minute I was an average married working man, struggling to bring up two children, the next I was vigorously taking on authority and trying to awaken the world.

From 1999 onwards I have been able to see things in a very very different light and I have felt spiritually directed in my quest to understand and relay the truth to the masses. Please do not think 'I have found God' or gone through 'a mid-life crisis' because I assure you that is not the case. I am not that sort of bloke. I have simply regained my true awareness, through trauma, and I now believe, nay I now know, that the human race is being duped on a massive scale and it is being totally controlled by forces using esoteric knowledge that is purposely kept from the stupefied masses. I have come to understand that this world is manipulated by a group of Sun Worshippers and their multidimensional idols/masters. I call both masters and worshippers 'The Serpent Cult'.

This Serpent Cult is indeed, as daft as it sounds, composed of multidimensional alien beings and their lackeys on Earth. I call these lackeys simply 'Agents for the Serpent'. These agents are the world's leaders in banking, politics and religion and they assist in carrying out the eventual spiritual enslavement of mankind in return for material wealth and power. Their deceptions hold no boundaries.

The Serpent Cult, in my opinion, continually 'hold' the human race under mass hypnosis and you and I have become nothing but deluded robots as we blindly went through the motions of our perceived lives via the rules laid down by the puppet authorities. It is all based on trickery and deception and the naivety of a dumbed down human race only make things carry on. We are literally living a sham, lifetime after lifetime. We are totally under the influence of very powerful physical and mental control. We are indeed living in an manufactured illusion. It is only our manipulated minds that create the illusion that you are free. 'Mass hypnosis supplies the mass illusion that we are free'. It is time to wake up. It is time to break the trance that enslaves us.

We are under the spell of a deceptive Serpent. It is time to break the Serpent's Spell. Some of you visiting this site will be partially aware that you are on a journey in which your aim is to gain full access to your true awareness, to regain total spiritual freedom and to help put this world back on its true path. In turn you will be put back on your true path too. This journey will not be easy and it will hurt you and it has and will hurt me too.

This website is simply a platform for me to supply my work in some form or another with you and to help bring to the public domain information about the level of control and manipulation the Serpent Cult exercise over the masses.I vow to try and bring information to the public through this site (or other means) without any fear. I have nothing but my heart and spiritual direction.

Never forget that you are a very powerful being that was unplugged from infinite consciousness and spiritual intuition/knowledge by a very deceptive force. It is time to start looking for the socket and get plugged in again!

May Love Reign O'er You All

Matthew Delooze - Live On Edge Media TV

Topical chat show, recorded live at the Edge Media TV studios in the UK. Franky Ma talks to Matthew Delooze and Garry Cook about their awakenings, and takes viewers calls and questions.
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Matthew Delooze- interviewed by Ben Emlyn-Jones at the UK Probe Conference, Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of March 2009.

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