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Explaining The Illuminati and Witchcraft - John Todd

John Todd (occultist)
John Wayne Todd (1950 – November 10, 2007), also known as "John Todd Collins", "Lance Collins", and "Christopher Kollyns", was a speaker, occultist, and conspiracy theorist who claimed to have been born into a 'witchcraft family' before converting to Christianity (in 1972, by some accounts). He was a primary source for many Chick Publications works against Dungeons & Dragons, Catholicism, Neopaganism, and Christian rock. Although most of his activity was during the 1970s, his claims continue to be spread in some fundamentalist Christian circles.

During the early 1970s, Todd was one of a handful of speakers making the rounds in evangelical Christian circles warning young people against the occult. Like two other of those speakers, Hershel Smith and Mike Warnke (whose claims of being an ex-Satanist have likewise been disproved), Todd claimed to have been a Satanic high priest before his conversion. In one meeting between Todd and Warnke, the two had a backstage confrontation and Todd accused Warnke of stealing his testimony regarding the Illuminati. Todd also claimed that John F. Kennedy was still alive and that he had been Kennedy's "personal warlock." Jack Chick created a comic book, "The Broken Cross," based on Todd's allegations that Satanists were taking over America. In 1973 allegations surfaced that he had been making sexual advances toward young women at Christian meetings and a Jesus Movement coffeehouse, was incorporating witchcraft teachings into his Bible studies, was carrying a .38 handgun into church meetings, and was using drugs. After some Christian leaders who had promoted him took steps to distance themselves, including evangelist Doug Clark denouncing him on his television show, Todd dropped out of sight from evangelical Christianity.

In 1974 Todd moved to Dayton, Ohio where he opened an occult bookstore and began recruiting for a Wiccan coven. In 1976 Todd became the subject of a criminal investigation over reports that he was involving underage girls in sexual initiation rituals for his coven. Following an investigation of his activities by neopagan leaders Isaac Bonewits and Gavin Frost, which uncovered drug use and underage sex, Frost's Church and School of Wicca revoked the charter it had granted to Todd's coven. He was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and served two months in prison.

Todd resurfaced in the evangelical Christian community in late 1977, this time claiming the existence of a vast Satanic conspiracy led by an order of witches called the Illuminati and including such well-known Christian figures and organisations as C. S. Lewis, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson and the 700 Club, Jim Bakker and PTL, Oral Roberts, Ralph Wilkerson, Demos Shakarian, Chuck Smith, Walter Martin, Gordon Lindsey, Morris Cerullo, Andrae Crouch, Pat Boone and his daughter Debby, Evie Tornquist, Honeytree, and churches ranging from Assemblies of God to the Southern Baptist Convention.[citation needed] He claimed to have given, as a member of the Illuminati, $8 million to Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel to launch the Christian rock industry, which Todd claimed was a Satanic invention to entrap Christian young people in rock & roll music and its "demonic beat." He claimed that Jerry Falwell had been "bought off" by the Illuminati with a $50 million donation. He also claimed that Jimmy Carter was the Antichrist, claimed that the Ayn Rand book Atlas Shrugged was the Illuminati's blueprint for unleashing a planned Satanic takeover, and urged Christians to stockpile weapons and food in preparation for a Satanic takeover in 1980. The ministries he was making his accusations toward denounced him,= but he found a niche speaking in fundamentalist Independent Baptist churches, and for a time created quite a stir.

Tapes from Todd circa 1979 just prior to dropping out of sight indicate that he had returned to teaching Oneness Pentecostal (aka, "Jesus Only") theology. Todd dropped out of sight again after 1979, reportedly moving to rural Montana after issuing warnings that the Satanic takeover had begun, then to the Seattle, Washington area.
Later life

Todd was arrested in May 1987 for the rape of a University of South Carolina graduate student. After his arrest, he was additionally charged with sexually molesting two children who attended a karate school where he worked. He was convicted of the rape in January 1988 and sentenced to 30 years in state prison. In 2004, Todd was released, but he was put in the care of the Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit run by the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. On November 10, 2007, Todd died in the institute.

John Todd: Testimony of Witchcraft

His name was John Todd, talking about the Illuminati and Witchcraft. The secret order and the global system that governs man. John continues discuss the laws and rules within this organization. He does preach about Jesus as his savior and the one true god that he believes in. The occult have been dominating earth for years with their ways. It is now time to change the tide. We need to live in the light of truth and love.

Testimony of Witchcraft - Part 1

Testimony of Witchcraft - Part 2

Testimony of Witchcraft - Part 3

Testimony of Witchcraft - Part 4

(Tape 2A) : Fortune Telling, Familiar Spirits, CS Lewis, JRR Toiken, etc.
John Todd -Part 1 of 4

John Todd -Part 2 of 4

John Todd -Part 3 of 4

John Todd -Part 4 of 4

(Tape 2B) : Murders, epilepsy, UFOs, demon possession, Jimmy Carter etc.
John Todd -Part 1 of 4

John Todd - Part 2 of 4

John Todd - Part 3 of 4

John Todd - Part 4 of 4

Video Google
John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 1

Video Google
John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 2

His name was John Todd, a former member of the Illuminati. He warned us against their plans for world domination before he was framed and effectively discredit by the Illuminati. The words that he left on his audio tapes are still coming to pass which puts lots of credibility on his claim that he was an insider. This audio tape speaks about the evil plans of the Illuminati for world control. This is just another piece of the puzzle that explains what’s going on today’s world. Key words: Illuminati, Satanism, Nazi, music, heavy metal, deal with the devil, hell, fire, church, sermon, speaker, worship, parents, warning, kids, witchcraft, Halloween, rebellion, cartoons, games, children, supervision, family, morals, God, Lord, Jesus, sin, Bush, war, destruction, world control, demons, fallen angels, earth, UFO, trance, hypnotism, hypnotic, pokemon, warlock, harry potter, wizards, magic, portions, spells, how to, invoking, spirits, power, Manson, Beatles, Rolling stones, AC-DC, the doors, Kiss, revolution, culture, and stars.

John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 1 of 7

John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 2 of 7

John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 3 of 7

John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 4 of 7

John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 5 of 7

John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 6 of 7

John Todd: Explaining The Illuminati - Part 7 of 7

This was recorded from a letter on John Todd message in prison. He recorded a tape that was trying to get to Fritz Springmeiers it was written down. This is a reading/recording of what his message was, If it doesnt seem to make sense at times, it is because it was written with incorrect spelling and bad grammer in parts of the letter. This being said the Message is clear, pass it on.

Message date. Feb. 26, 1991
Fritz Springmeirer is now suffering in a similar manor to that of Todds.

John Todds Message From Prison 1 of 4

John Todds Message From Prison 2 of 4

John Todds Message From Prison 3 of 4
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John Todds Message From Prison 4 of 4
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