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Vibrational Frequency (Positive & Negative) and Techniques to Raise your Frequency

In order to draw positive opportunities into one's life sphere it is necessary to vibrate at a frequency that reflects a high positive polarity. A positive polarity is one that is aligned with creative Life Force Energy that is supposed to flow throw each of us to a greater extent than it currently does. To learn why this is and how it can be increased read this.
We commonly employ terms such as "positive" and "negative" to describe events without reflecting on what these terms actually represent. Positive really implies that an event is "life enhancing" while negative conversely implies that an event is "life depleting".

In the same manner one can also define what I call the "magnetic polarity" of one's energy field as being primarily positive or negative. For example, is one oriented primarily towards life expansion or towards a withdrawal from life? Clearly the former is directed towards creation of a fulfilling life experience; what one might also describe as a successful life. The latter on the other hand is about giving up on life and in choosing death and dying as a "viable" option.

Individuals hold one or the other of these orientations based on the quality of their early life history as stored within them as memories. If those memories are predominantly negative this leads to a negative view of life and living which causes a depletion of enthusiasm towards life and which also brings down one's vibrational frequency.

A decrease in vibrational frequency is essentially the result of a depleted Life Force Energy which in itself results from the presence of negative memories stored in a person's unconscious mind/body. Sadly, a lowered frequency is associated with a negative magnetic polarity which has the tendency to draw other negative events/experiences into one's life.
Is there some way of shifting one's magnetic polarity into the positive range so as to draw positive experiences? Yes!

In order to increase one's vibrational frequency, shift one's magnetic polarity into the positive range and thereby draw positive events into one's life it becomes imperative to erase the negative memories one has stored within once and for all. When this happens Life Force Energy spontaneously reintegrates itself with the mind/body and one feels lighter, more present, joyful, more enthusiastic and passionate about life and living and begins to draw positive life "affirming events" that lead to a more fulfilling and successful life.

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Source from: Monroe Institute

"The vibrational state is accessible to every motivated person, independently of its age, gender, cultural background, and of its innumerable chronic infirmities”. (Waldo Vieira)
The 3 stages of the LEO technique

"Vibrational state exercise is done by feeling, really creating deep in your consciousness full awareness, not just visualizing or imaging but really feeling the presence of energy. Begin by the awareness of the energy in your head. Move it slowly through the body to the feet. Reverse the direction back up to the head. If you are seated, move the energy in a diagonal line, not moving along the contours of the body, but simple straight diagonal line. If you are standing or lying down, move it in a straight line. Simple exercise, ay? Then, as you move the energy, and encounter any blockages, simply increase the energy. Move it stronger through those areas of blockage. Then move the energy faster, up and down. Faster, faster still, faster than you can imagine, even faster still. Do not hold the body. Do not hold breath. Do not tense anywhere. No physical manifestation of the energy is necessary. Very simple exercise. Do it repeatedly during the day. A field of energy is gathered around you as a result of this that has tremendous value on many levels, keeping away the influences of the nonphysical beings of a lower vibrational nature, naturally welcoming and opening to the vibrational energies of those of a high, helpful nature. And many other things this does."

Energosoma. The technique to attain the vibrational state applies to the energosoma (also called holochakra, energetic body, etheric body, etheric double, etc). The energosoma is an energetic vehicle connecting our soma (physical body) to our psychosoma (also named emotional body, astral body, soul, etc). In other words, the energosoma bridges our biological vehicle (that we use to manifest in the physical dimension) to our next more subtle body – the psychosoma – that we use to manifest in the extraphysical dimensions, for instance after the death process, or when we find ourselves in a state of extracorporeal projection (also called astral travel, out of body experience, OBE, etc).

Not confusing the “technique” with the “effect of the technique”. It’s worth not confusing the vibrational state (VS) with the technique of the longitudinal energetic oscillation (LEO), also called technique of the closed energetic circuit.

The LEO is a specific technique that, if correctly executed, allows one to produce a specific effect, which is the VS. However, there exist other techniques, different from the LEO, that allow one to reach the same goal, or equivalent goals, following different paths. Furthermore, in specific circumstances, the VS can activate itself spontaneously, without the need of applying whatever methodology. Having made this important distinction between the LEO technique and its effect, which is the VS, let us now explicitly describe the 3 fundamental stages of its execution.

First stage: localization of the energy. Preferably standing up, or lying down, keeping the two feet close and the arms, alongside the body, use your intent (volition) to localize and concentrate the larger possible quantity of energy in the region of your head.

Second stage: oscillatory movement. Always using your volition (intent), move the energy in the region of your head longitudinally, downward, through the whole soma, until you reach the region of the feet. Then, reverse the movement of the energetic flux, going from the feet to the head, always passing through the entire soma, then again downward, from the head to the feet, and so on, sweeping up and down, without pauses, your entire energosoma.

Third stage: increasing the power of the energetic flux. As you move the extraphysical energies alternatively up and down, within the space (approximately) delimited by your physical body, raise the power of the energetic flux by increasing the quantity of mobilized energy, as well as the frequency of the longitudinal oscillation (and therefore the speed of the energetic scan).

Reaching the vibrational state. If the above mentioned 3 phases have been properly executed, the practitioner will succeed to produce the so-called vibrational state (VS), a condition such that the energosomatic energies are in a state of maximal dynamization, perceived as an intense high-frequency vibration (possibly pulsed), diffused all over the energosoma.

Some critical aspects in the execution of the LEO. In practice, the execution of LEO technique is less simple than it may appear. To master it, one needs a daily practice with numerous executions during the same day, and this for a sufficiently extended time period. Once the technique is mastered, and the practitioner has reached a high-quality energetic condition, the VS then become a sort of conditioned reflex, that can be activated almost instantaneously. However, before reaching such a rewarding goal, it is useful to keep in mind, during the practice of the LEO, the following critical points.

Imagining to move doesn’t mean to move. At the beginning, the practitioner may not have a clear perception of the energetic movement. Then, the temptation is to work with one’s imagination. But it is worth understanding that imagining to move the energy doesn’t mean to really move it, in the same way that imagining to move one’s hand doesn’t mean to really move it. This, obviously, is one of the major difficulties in the execution of the LEO technique, as the beginner cannot easily evaluate the efficaciousness of the effort applied during the execution. However, with time, the practice will make fully clear to his/her parasenses the reality of the energosomatic energetic movement.

image  of brain waves
BETA activity takes place when a person is wide awake. Frequency is 14 Hz per second and above.
ALPHA brain waves occur when a person relaxes. The Alpha rhythm is between 7.5 Hz to 13 brain waves per second.
THETA is a slow activity, and is represented by a frequency of 3.5 Hz to 7.5 Hz per second.
DELTA brain waves occur when the individual is sleeping. Its rate of frequency is 1.5 to 4 cycles per second.
Source from: Institute of Creative Solutions

Source from: Binaural Music

When the perceived beat frequency corresponds to the delta, theta, alpha, beta, or gamma range of brainwave frequencies, the brainwaves entrain to or move towards the beat frequency. In other words, applying a stimulus to the brain will eventually bring the brain's state closer to the stimulus frequency.

Frequency Range, Name and Association
  • > 40 Hz; Gamma waves; Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness.
  • 13–40 Hz; Beta waves; Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition.
  • 7–13 Hz; Alpha waves; Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness.
  • 4–7 Hz; Theta waves; Dreams, deep meditation, REM sleep.
(The precise boundaries between ranges vary among definitions, and there is no universally accepted standard.)

For example, if a 315 Hz sine wave is played into the right ear and a 325 Hz one into the left ear, the brain is entrained towards the beat frequency (10 Hz, in the alpha range). Since alpha range is associated with relaxation, this has a relaxing effect or if in the beta range, more alertness.

Source from: Natural Alternatives

Everything in the Universe is energy and vibration. Each basic element of the known atomic chart consists of energy at different rates of vibration. Elements differ in vibrational through the mere change in components such as protons and electrons.
The Universe is permeated by a natural vibrational force that "breathes" life into the cells of all living plants, animals and human. Every thought consists of this vibrational energy and, man has been blessed with the ability to utilize this energy with the mind. One can consider this energy to be the basic force of the Universe. Consciousness is everywhere in the Universe. Consciousness is everything, everywhere. The power of thought is then life force energy or Consciousness power, Prana, Chi, the Breath of Life.
The purpose of life is spiritual growth in learning how to utilize this higher vibrational energy. To attain a higher Consciousness... to ascend to a higher consciousness. By learning to harness this positive energy for a higher constructive good, man reaches a higher state of vibrational frequency... Love. Man however can misuse this energy through the projection of negative thoughts. These thoughts are also vibrational energy of a destructive, negative frequency thus depleting one's own life force. Man's problems are mere manifestations of his own negative energy. Illness begets negative energy and lack of a higher healing vibrational energy. Therefore, Man's purpose is to dispel these negative energies to raise higher consciousness and attain a higher vibrational frequency... Love.
Scientific studies have demonstrated that projecting "love" or positive energy onto plants will greatly affect their growth and wellness causing vigorous growth. When a child is injured, the mother will lay on healing hands of love that transfer a higher vibrational energy to the injury. This releases the negative vibrational state caused by the injury and begins the healing state through the raised vibrational state. The ability of the Positive Energy Plates to harness the healing energy of the Universe can raise the vibrational state of energy that has been altered by injury. Injury is merely a derivation of the usual positive energy state of the body. The plates can help to quickly return the body to its natural state of higher vibration.
The violet color of the plates represents the 7th Ray and the violet flame of St. Germane in the twilight hours before the Dawn of a New Age. Man is rising to a higher vibrational level of energy. A greater love is on the rise. May the positive energy of the Universe bless you and your life - use your energy well.

A molecular vibration occurs when atoms in a molecule are in periodic motion while the molecule as a whole has constant translational and rotational motion. The frequency of the periodic motion is known as a vibration frequency. A nonlinear molecule with n atoms has 3n−6 normal modes of vibration, whereas a linear molecule has 3n−5 normal modes of vibration because rotation about its molecular axis is simply a rotation of the reference frame and cannot be observed[1]. A diatomic molecule thus has only one normal mode of vibration. The normal modes of vibration of polyatomic molecules are independent of each other, each involving simultaneous vibrations of different parts of the molecule.

A molecular vibration is excited when the molecule absorbs a quantum of energy, E, corresponding to the vibration's frequency, ν, according to the relation E=hν, where h is Planck's constant. A fundamental vibration is excited when one such quantum of energy is absorbed by the molecule in its ground state. When two quanta are absorbed the first overtone is excited, and so on to higher overtones.

To a first approximation, the motion in a normal vibration can be described as a kind of simple harmonic motion. In this approximation, the vibrational energy is a quadratic function (parabola) with respect to the atomic displacements and the first overtone has twice the frequency of the fundamental. In reality, vibrations are anharmonic and the first overtone has a frequency that is slightly lower than twice that of the fundamental. Excitation of the higher overtones involves progressively less and less additional energy and eventually leads to dissociation of the molecule, as the potential energy of the molecule is more like a Morse potential.

The vibrational states of a molecule can be probed in a variety of ways. The most direct way is through infrared spectroscopy, as vibrational transitions typically require an amount of energy that corresponds to the infrared region of the spectrum. Raman spectroscopy, which typically uses visible light, can also be used to measure vibration frequencies directly.

Vibrational excitation can occur in conjunction with electronic excitation (vibronic transition), giving vibrational fine structure to electronic transitions, particularly with molecules in the gas state. Simultaneous excitation of a vibration and rotations gives rise to vibration-rotation spectra.

Techniques for boosting your vibrational frequency
Julia demonstrates some powerful techniques for raising your vibration in an instant.

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Radiating Love
Spiritual teacher Julia Rogers Hamrick discusses the benefits of radiating Love and invites the viewer to radiate Love for 10 seconds.

Exercises designed to bring in Universal Energy, clear chakras, give stamina. These are loosely based on Qui Gong. Disclaimer: I am not teaching Reiki as Reiki is based on symbols that one has to be initiated into. These are exercises designed strictly for the movement of energy, and self help and wholeness. You may contact Robin Littlefeather at

Reiki Master Practitioner 1 of 2

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7 Keys to Raise Your Frequency!
7 High Frequency Tricks to raise your frequency even if you're in the dumps.

Sound Vibration Creates Form
A section of a David Icke presentation in a documentary called "Freedom Road". David Icke is describing how sound vibration creates form.

Love is a high Vibrational send it out...:) Everything is energy and vibration this is a very simplified example of shape shifting(salt sound waves)


Breathing Technique on the Reptilians

The Collective Consciousness - Earths Frequencies
Earth is a sea of vibrations and frequencies. Mankind is skilled in creating and inventing devices in which there is an energy frequency and vibration. These waves of energy are always moving through you.

Imagine for a moment all the electrical devices in just your home alone - every light and lamp, the phone systems, all the kitchen appliances. Each device gives off a certain frequency. The television is one of the major contributors of discordant frequencies. Most people a not aware of these frequencies. They have tuned them out; their energy field has adjusted and learned to live with them.

This planet is woven with electronic frequencies. If you had the vision to see the strands of energy connecting all the power lines, electrical devices, cell phones, televisions and microwaves, you would be amazed at how tightly woven this energetic matrix truly is. It surrounds your planet in an energetic grid of discordant frequencies.

Most of humanity does not even think about this. There is an attitude of "What you don't see or don't know about, won't affect you."

These matrixes of electronic frequencies are always affecting the physical body, the mental state of mind. These electronic frequencies are addictive and hypnotizing to your personal energy field. These man made electronic frequencies hold a certain mindset in place. Be aware of these discordant frequencies and the matrix that they create. It is important for you and others to stay anchored, stable, and firm in your own personal energy field and matrix. You will be less affected by discordant frequencies.

The solar flares, the galactic bursts of energy are surging through this shield of hypnotizing electronic frequencies, activating certain aspects of the DNA codes. These cosmic energy thrusts are a wake up call to humanity. The earth's magnetic field holds the higher integrity of the hologame in place. This is being overridden by the electronic fields.

Humanity is receiving the highest support from the consciousness of the cosmos and celestial beings, individuals are waking up to their magnificence, their divine star connection.

You create a cohesion field when you maintain a strong energy field of love, joy and appreciation. When you vibrate these high coherent frequencies you will not be affected by the bombardment of the planetary electronic grid. Be in your joy, and swim, flow and stream with the energy from the stars. Peace

Shapeshifting from Vibration and Frequency

Sound Frequency on Water
Simple sound experiment - Fill a plastic cup with water and placed directly on speaker cone. Then used PC and software SineGen to generate sine waves from 300Hz down to 15Hz. Result is similar to cornstarch videos in YouTube, only everything is happening much faster. Interesting note: sometimes vibrations are in sync with light bulb 50hz frequency, sometimes with cameras 30fps and sometimes it simply resonate. All this variety gives interesting wave dance.

How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency by Kevin Dellinger
Music track, "Awaken Divine" by Kevin Dellinger
For more music visit:

Understanding Your Light Body:
Your Light Body is within your Physical Body. It is a network of Ethereal Energy. This energy communicates to your Mer-Ka-Bah. This Light Body is activated upon Meditation.
The more light the more multi-dimensional you become. Expanding your Spirit through meditation and balancing your energies is a result to raising your vibrational frequency.

Introducing the Mer-Ka-Bah:
Raising your vibrational frequency is done by utilizing your Mer-Ka-Bah. Your Mer-Ka-Bah creates a field of Light. You may also know it as an Aura. This is how you communicate with the Source. It links the heart, mind and body. When your energies become balanced through meditation. The Chakra system is used with photon energy to charge your light body field.

Shifting into this state of Mind, Body, and Spirit requires letting go of all belief systems, thoughts, and negativity. You must clear your energy before transmuting energy through your Mer-Ka-Bah.

Mer-Ka-Bah Meditation:
In Meditation focus on divine pure light. channel this energy through your palms into your heart and through your crown chakra. Repeat the process. Imagine this as a loop of energy that processes through your light body and out into space. In your third eye you will see the spinning Mer-Ka-Bah. If you see this, you have raised your vibrational Frequency.

If not, then remember that meditation takes discipline and embracing love and getting rid of fear is the key to speeding up this process. Good Luck in your Incarnated Journey
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Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Healing Frequencies for Aura and Brain
This Video sound Heals your AURA , all ENERGIE CENTERs and LEFT and RIGHT side of the BRAIN , your brain will go in resonance with the "theta tone" and will be Balanced - Syncronised this stimulates/activates the Pineal Gland this organ in your Brain is responsible for many spiritual events one of it is telepathie!

The Brain is mostly overloaded with electrosmog like micro waves,cellphone waves radio waves radar and tv waves so it needs be cleansed and tuned in new!

You may experience some pain in different part of your Head or Brain depending on how much disorder there allready is , when you feeling the pressure in the mids of your head close your eyes and allowe the self healing prozess to take place , if you cant stand the pain anymore just Stop the Video Sound!

Vibrating With Universal Consciousness
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

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