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Illuminati Shadow Global Government Agenda, Hoax Alien Invasion and Images of Bases on The Moon - Bill Cooper

Milton William "Bill" Cooper (May 6, 1943 - November 5, 2001) was an American writer, shortwave broadcaster, theorist, philosopher and the head of the largest civilian intelligence gathering operation ever created.[citation needed] Cooper came to public awareness in the late 1980s when he promulgated a number of theories dealing with the assassination of President Kennedy and alleged links between the United States government and various extra-terrestrial race

A Quote from Bill: "What happens when you broadcast the truth is you piss everyone off"
Thanks Bill Cooper for everything! February 23rd 1991

Kings and Queens, Ruling Party, Opposition Party (Right Wing and Left Wing working on the same brain) Parliament, Senate, Congress, Cabinet, The Speaker, Bills of Right, The Constitution, and Law, (we don't know what they are creating as law and this is happening all over the world). Most of them are Traceable through Bloodlines, Secret Society, CFR, and through the Trilateral Commission. Knowledge is Key, Rationalize, Read, Seek the Truth.

Wake up, don't become a Slave to their Treachery and Manipulation to the New World Order. We need to seek an Open End, True World, We are all Equal... No Money, No Lies, and Freedom for all

The New Economy System Explained in Part 27 in a Q&A
They are planning to create a 2 Class Society, The Rulers and The Workers, Masters and Slave.

William Cooper 1 of 28
Introduction to Bill Coopers and the air force.

William Cooper 2 of 28
Keeping the Secret, the Navy, and UFO Sighting.

William Cooper 3 of 28
Confidential Information, Existence of Alien, Autopsy Report, Live Alien, Contact, and Contract with the United States President.

William Cooper 4 of 28
Alien Invasion to United World Governments to the New World Order. Technology, Secret Weapons, and Space Craft.

William Cooper 5 of 28
Video of JFK Assassination.

William Cooper 6 of 28
The reason JFK was Assassinated, Drugs, Publishing the Truth, Money, and Disbanding the CIA, Hoax of the Alien Invasion for the NWO, and RFID Chip Implants.

William Cooper 7 of 28
Middle East, Oil, Jobs, the Power of United Nation Charter, UN Law, US Rights to Bare Arms, and UFO Video of the Mother-ship.

William Cooper 8 of 28
Magic, Operation Majesty 12, Majority 12, and Special Studies.

William Cooper 9 of 28
Fragments of unknown Metal, Smith Memo, Flying Saucer, UFO is Classified serious Business, and Cattle Mutilation.

William Cooper 10 of 28
Creating Terror, Father of Lies, Crop Circles, and UFO Pictures.

William Cooper 11 of 28
Implants, Technology, Alien, and Consciousness.

William Cooper 12 of 28
Proof of Secret Society, Cover up Structure, Corporate America the Council of Foreign Relations, the Lunar Surface, and Lunar Atmosphere.

William Cooper 13 of 28
Lunar Base Planning Group, Crater Linne Missing, Project Red Light, and Flying Saucers.

William Cooper 14 of 28
Facility in Groom Lake, Runway, Tunneling Drills, Underground Bases, Mascow Underworld, Dulce New Mexico Underground Base, and Archuleta Colorado Native Indian Sacred Site.

William Cooper 15 of 28
Air Force Text Book on Alien and Contact. Government Servant Regulation for Sightings, Inspiration JFK, and Population Control.

William Cooper 16 of 28
Club of Rome, Human Population effects Earth, Lower Birthrate, Death Rate, Earth reaching its Limit of Capacity for Growth, and Transition to Global Equilibrium.

William Cooper 17 of 28
New States Constitution, 10 Regions in the NWO, the Moon Base, Atmosphere, Colonization, Tracks, UFO, and Buildings.

William Cooper 18 of 28
Domes on the Moon, Freeway, t Shape Bending Objects, More Buildings, More Tracks, Artificial Explosion, Clouds in the Lunar Atmosphere, Tanks, Tower, Christian Cross, and Pyramids.

William Cooper 19 of 28
Artificial Shapes Cross, Triangle, and Square Shapes,a Flatten surface, and Tower on the Moon. Mars Ancient Agricultural Terracing, Lines, Face, Pyramids, and Mars Airplane.

William Cooper 20 of 28
An Astronaut and US Major letter to the UN on the Extraterrestrial Visitors. We need to Live in Harmony. Little Green Men at a Nuclear Silo, and UFO photos.

William Cooper 21 of 28
More UFO Photos, Russia and America brotherhood, Radar Mapping, and remember the moon landing may not have happen as to prove there is no atmosphere for survival. Plus only recently NASA has reported water on the moon. We can land on the moon, there might be even life there but surely to find buildings or traces of life.

William Cooper 22 of 28
Extraterrestrial Photos.

William Cooper 23 of 28
Wake up, don't become a Slave to Treachery and Manipulation to the New World Order rather than a Open End True One World. Therapy on Abductees by the CIA. Military Coup during Nixon's Presidency.

William Cooper 24 of 28
Project Mogul, Roswell, Creating an Illusion, Faking an Alien Treat, Council on Foreign Affairs, United States, and Russia Secret Alliance.

William Cooper 25 of 28
World Issues, Palestinian Problem, War, Propaganda, Population, Control, Playing our Role, Consciously and Unconsciously.

William Cooper 26 of 28
Q&A: Illuminati, Council on Foreign Affair, Trilateral Commission, and Educate others.

William Cooper 27 of 28
Q&A: Nostradamus, Prophecies, Recurrence of Events, Socialist/Totalitarian Government, NWO, RFID Chip, Out of the Middle East will come the NWO (World Trade Center). The New Economy System, Devaluing Money and Reinstating it back to you.

William Cooper 28 of 28
Q&A: Bar code Society, Property, and Human, STAR WARS. Playing out all events of all word Religion to an end of time, WAKE UP and change this world. If you are religious stick to your Teaching but don't give in to Lies and Seek the Truth.

Thank you Bill Cooper for everything! I have nothing but Love and Admiration for you.

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