Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nephilim, Giants, Annunaki, Sumerian, and the Fallen Angels

Search on for Zecharia Sitchin on my blog, there is some good interviews and speeches by this wonderful author, reporter, historian on the Annunaki and Sumerian. Their Culture, Civilization, Technology, Law, and How they came to be. These are all from the Sumerian writings and supported by archeology means. Also there are other posting on Sumerian and Annuaki. Indulge yourself.

On youtube by: forlatagate

Evidence of Nephilim and Anunaki, Part 1 of 2
Men of Renown, Race of Giants, Baalbek, Construction Magnificent, and the Atmospheric Condition

Evidence of Nephilim, and Anunaki Part 2 of 2
Giants from Earth or from Somewhere else. Babylon and the Sumerians. the 12 Planets, Nibiru, the Book of Baruk

Part 1 of March of The nephilim Feature film making-of. This gives a brief insight into the origin of the Nephilim, information on the Bible, the Book of Enoch, and film making.
On youtube by: neiljohnson666

Forbidden History of The Nephilim Part 1
Beings of another Dimension, Mating with Women of Earth, and The Book of Enoch

Forbidden History of The Nephilim Part 2
Neil Johnson Movies: The Demons in My Head, To become One, Battle Space, and etc

Forbidden History of The Nephilim Part 3
9/1, Space, Pyramids and a Face on the Moon, Cairo means Mars, and Religion. Movies Conditioning us for the arrival rather than Facts and Truth, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Forbidden History of The Nephilim Part 4

The Book of Enoch - Audio-book Part 1 of 30

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