Thursday, November 18, 2010

Truth on Shaman, Consciousness and Dimensions - Terence McKenna

Shamanism, Predator and the Pray, Human Ability towards Consciousness, Fear, Expectation, Strategics, Imagination, and Stimulation in change.

Psychedelic Truth, Magic Imagination, Shamanic Lessons, Power of a higher Level, Projecting Consciousness to another Dimension, and the Knowledge.

Not Terence McKenna, but its interesting, damn you fakers.
Calmness, Sharing Experiences, Words are Diversion speak and seek the Truth

To Want to Understand, Drugs, God, Responsibility, and The Kingdom of Heaven ~Probing and Faking Terence McKenna~

Journey of Life, Essence, and Believe ~Propaganda on Terence McKenna~

This is FAKE!!! ~Establishment Lie this ain't Terence McKenna~

A Good Read: DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence
The material in this article is presented in final format the book Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves at:

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