Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Politics, Religion, Philosophies, Astrotheology, Spirituality, and Divinity - Jordan Maxwell

An amazing Interview that will educate you on theology, philosophies of the west. Secret covenants, spirituality, the divine, and symbols.

Politics And Religion Part 1 of 8
Tyranny and Religion. Courts and the Church.

Politics And Religion Part 2 of 8
Spirituality, Divinity, Revolution , Question Authority, Fact, and Truth always stands.

Politics And Religion Part 3 of 8
Religion is a Fairy Tales Story we live our lives by. Astrotheology, Sun worship, and the Government.

Politics And Religion Part 4 of 8
Divine Essence in Us that we are all connected Universally Equal. Reincarnation of the Soul it is Communication and Prayer between You and the Creator not an Organization to God. Freemasonry, Symbols, and the Volcano.

Politics And Religion Part 5 of 8
Vulcan, Thunder and Babylon.

Politics And Religion Part 6 of 8
The Secret Society, Symbolism, NWO, Africa, Egypt, Europe, Priory of Sion, Hollywood, and Middle East.

Politics And Religion Part 7 of 8
George Washington, the Order, Occult, Secret number 13 Masonic, Corner Stone, Cape Stone, Illuminati, and Left Wing & Right Wing Control from the Center.

Politics And Religion Part 8 of 8
Educate the Mind, Knowledge is the Key, White House/Hall, United Kingdom, Rome, and the Initiation of the King, Do not trust anything but the look of it make your own independent research towards the truth and the light. May you reach higher Conscious and take positive shifts to lead a spiritual, divine life.

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