Tuesday, June 1, 2010

World Communism, The Dawn of a New Day - Jordan Maxwell

The long awaited presentation by Jordan Maxwell on the symbolism of the rising sun which can be seen on flags and coat-of-arms of societies all over the world. It is the symbol for the "dawn of a new day."

Jordan Maxwell:

Dawn of a New Day - Part 1 of 10
May 1st Being Labor day!

Dawn of a New Day - Part 2 of 10

Dawn of a New Day - Part 3 of 10

Dawn of a New Day - Part 4 of 10
The Sun & The Eagle

Dawn of a New Day - Part 5 of 10

Dawn of a New Day - Part 6 of 10
Empire State and York of England!

Dawn of a New Day - Part 7 of 10
Recommended Books:
Fire in the Minds of Men, by James H. Billington
Flags Through the Ages and Across the World
Pawns of the Game,
by William Guy Carr

Dawn of a New Day - Part 8 of 10
Buildings and Mountains with the Sun

Dawn of a New Day - Part 9 of 10
1. Right Wing = Vatican / Nazi NWO / "Republicans"
2. Left Wing = Soviet Communist NWO / "Democrats"

Dawn of a New Day - Part 10 of 10

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think Jordan is well researched and has a lot of truth to convey. However, my impressions are:
- to see the 'whole' truth, you yourself must be as whole as possible in body, mind, spirit. Jordan is clearly not whole and healthy in body. He also is very negative and demeaning. He lacks compassion. His motives are unclear
- he makes leaps in logic which are incorrect and just plain silly. In this video, the author does a great job of pointing this out:

- he gets most of his knowledge from Blatvatsky and exhibits clear bias toward theosophic teachings...raises more warning flags

He shows many great insights into symbols and the occult in plain sight, but his conclusions are biased. At best clouded due to his own imbalances and at worst deliberately misleading because he is nothing but another tool in the control toolbox. (see: Peter Joseph)

The Truth is the Truth. Period. Take only that which resonates in your heart as True, leave the rest. Jordan is just simply too mean to open my heart all that much.