Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Truth about Tibet and China (Dalai Lama)

Tibet: The Truth (A Political History)

Inside Tibet - National Archives and Records Administration 1943 - ARC Identifier 40103 / Local Identifier 226.5 - Joint Chiefs of Staff. Office of Strategic Services. Field Photographic Branch. (01/04/1943 - 10/01/1945). FILM REPORT: On the journey of a U.S. military and diplomatic mission from Gangtok, India, to Lhasa, Tibet during World War II. The party journeys through Natu La and Kechu La passes, stops at the British trail station, Gyantse, reviews troops of Tropji Regiment and is ferried across the Brahmaputra River. Scenes of Tibetan natives, terrain, travel facilities, housing,a New Year religious festival, the Dalai Lama's palaces in Lhasa, monasteries and other religious buildings.

Inside Tibet

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