Monday, July 28, 2008


Hidden messages, Hidden words, Hidden actions, meant with a purpose, a reason!
If for right or wrong.... U be the judge then jury,
We live for this moment of trial,
To succeed, To prevail is a matter of choice,

Be wise my brother-in, be wise of your choice,
Once the wheel is turning, you can’t change its course,
It takes a sacrifice of the highest level,
Maybe a life on a silver platter,

Spare no change for the lost and confused,
Spare no mind as they have given up,
The deal is close… Turnaround now

Erase now past, Erase all the feelings…
Ride on with the caretaker… as he guides you to your destiny?
The deal is close… Turnaround now

Walk now the road today,
For tomorrows the road is a long long way,
Listen for the piper… Listen to his tunes well,
The deal is closed… Turn it all around… NOW!

Redemption is only a fools tale…

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