Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ipoh February 2008 Gong Xi Fa Chai (Chiness New Year)

Ipoh our Second Home
Well while most folks were at home celebrating Chines New Year with their loved ones... A group o strangers from this reoccurring dream showed up upon a place down Ipoh.... Here's what went down in one of their many adventures to Ipoh (KTV)

The lot of them were there... New people under a one, new roof.... The place was perfect, the crowd music and other sweet, candy's, snacks and alcohol was fully loaded that night.. Thank you Nessa and Mr. UNCLE for getting the place, spending it all on him, and sharing the LOVE!!! Cause best things in life are shared ~Calsberg~ The placed open till morning 4.20am before they went off to their new Hotel with a view of the house training grounds in Ipoh with 'em beers to keep us company till morning... They hadn't slept for a day. Well some had a few hours of good sleep while the others kept on going... Seeking adventure through their guides in Ipoh they reached a tunnel leading to a mining pool. Where trespassers will be SHOT

In this place they roam... Walking into an endless tunnel that promises light, and this is what they came to see and did on that day…. Nessa she took a climbed up the sides of the cave/mountain. Reaching the a comformfortably high spot. She looked out into the open sky while her friends cheered her on… See caught her breath and leaped leg first with her hands up in the air into the mining pool…

After getting dried of they had to send 1 of their dearest Abang(Brother) Joko... Who actually got nicked off the bus station as for he was going back a day early to Kuala Lumpur.Brother Joko loves his drinks with ice.... He's the roof of the house, even if he flies away for awhile he'll always be there... No matter in his college life or the working life he'll pull through in his quest to learn, to love it and to live it... He speaks from the heart and only means well to others doing everything anything within his power... Ladies go crazy for the boy here, they fly down from far away just to meet and greet Abang Joko....Indonesian brother... With very interesting conversations =)

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