Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You know what I hate most about college… Those blady “Slackers”… The so called friends or group mates, team mates… Always saying yeah I’m busy I’m busy I’m busy, or I got to go here or need not feeling well… What the fuck man… You think I wish to be sitting in front of the computer doing not only my work but your work to…

Another thing… when you give them something to do… and you want good grade’s to go abroad or just to do well cause the subject is easy to score an 'A', these “fuck heads” would give you a1 page report and ask you to fill in for them, or they come last minute saying “Eh, How to do ah?”… I mean are you born stupid or or thats ur nature?

Just wishing all these “fuck heads”:
"A Great Future Awaits..."

1 comment:

Thevan said...

fuck those fckheads man..just do yur stuf and yur ass here asap !!